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Garbotoxin's effect showing as active when it isn't


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A fairly simple issue this time. My opponent had attached a Tool to his Garbodor and Garbotoxin was active as it should, and when zooming into a Pokémon in play it said that it cannot use its abilities. Up to this point, nothing unusual


Then, after discarding its Tool, it still said that no pokémon could use their abilities even though they could (e.g. Moving Fairy energy cards with Aromatisse's Fairy Transfer), as it should be


Not a serious issue, but it did confuse me for a moment (And it seemed to do the same with my opponent, as he tried to Hypnotoxic Laser with a Slurpuff in my bench)


PS: There seems to be another issue in that some pokémon's attack tooltips are covered by a white rectangle (Making them unreadable without zooming in), and it seems to only affect colourless pokémon. Will look into this later

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Hello llDracoll,


How was the Pokémon Tool removed from Garbodor? Any other information you may have would be helpful as well.


Regarding your second issue, we would greatly appreciate if you could submit a ticket with more information, including a screenshot. To submit a ticket, simply click the link in my signature, sign in, and click "Ask a Question". There, you'll be able to add details and directly attach image files.


Thanks for your reports!

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