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Root Fossil Bugged


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Card: Root Fossil

Card Number: Plasma Blast #87

Expected Action: The card text reads "Look at the bottom 7 cards of your deck. You may reveal a Lileep you find there and and put it on your Bench. Shuffle the other cards into your deck."

Actual Action: If you play a Root Fossil and find a Lileep in those cards, the game client only allows you to choose the Lileep and put it on to your Bench. It doesn't allow you to ignore the Lileep as the card text suggests.

Steps to Reproduce: Option A: Have a Caitlin in hand along with a Lileep and a Root fossil. Play the Caitlin and put the Lileep on the bottom of the deck. Then play Root Fossil. The game client will not allow you to ignore the fact that you found a Lileep.

Option B: Keep playing Root Fossil until you find a Lileep and try and ignore the time when you finally find one.

Additional Notes: I haven't checked the other Fossil cards, but Plume Fossil (Plasma Blast #82, Noble Victories #93), Old Amber Aerodactyl (Dark Explorers #97), Cover Fossil (Plasma Blast #79, Noble Victories #90) all have similar effects to Root Fossil and might be bugged as well.

Thank you for reading

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Hi Shambles12,


Have you tried clicking the "Done" button at the bottom of the selection area without making a selection? This ends the sequence and allows you to play the card without making any selections. Please let us know if this isn't working properly for you.


Thanks for your report!

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