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My Deck Idea


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From what I know based on my research I don't think this deck or any modifications to it have been really talked about... I haven't been into Pokemon TCG for long and have only recently gotten competitve (restricted to the online game) because my friends were getting ahead and I needed a strategic deck... Let me know what you guys think and any suggestions that may benefit the deck are encouraged.



The deck's pretty simple... Poison, poison and more poison. It's a Grass/Psychic deck and only consists of 3 pokemon (yet after facing my friend I found that it gives Yveltal/Darkrai decks a bit of trouble (I gained 4 prize cards before my hands started to suffer)



It's solely based around Plasma Crobat, as Ultra-Toxic Fang is incredibly useful when Virbank is in play and is capable of taking out high hp pokemon quickly. Here's the decklist (or what I can name now while not looking at the deck):




4x Zubat (w/ free flight)

3x Golbat

3x Crobat

2x Muk (not plasma, I think it's move is acid secretion or something, similar to Ultra-Toxic Fang but only 2 Damage Counters are used, 4 with virbank)

3x Grimer (w/ Lure Poison)

2x Foongus (w/ Help a Friend)

2x Amoongus (w/ poison-confused ability)



Pokemon explained:

Crobat is obviously the damage pokemon when helped by Virbank, while Muk is a nice back up especially when Grimer can switch out the active pokemon and poison the new pokemon... Foongus is also useful if started with because he allows to quickly get Crobat out on the field with Help a Friend, while keeping him simply on the bench is also beneficial because of Amoongus' ability and can also help change the tide at any moments notice... The only downside I've found so far is the retreat cost for Muk, so I'm thinking to get some Float Stones for him.




2x Cheren

2x N

3x Hypnotoxic Lazor

4x Level Ball

2x Ultra Ball (thinking to change to Team Plasma Ball for Crobat to avoid the cost of Ultra Ball, but then Muk suffers...

1x Gold Potion

1x Pokemon Centre Lady

1x Giant Cloak

2x Virbank City Gym

1x Sacred Ash

1x Rare Candy

1x Evosoda

2x Energy Retrieval



Trainers explained:

The point of my trainers are a little bit all over the place as I feel there are cards I could replace but don't want to risk it having a negative effect. The Hypnotoxic Lazors are vital here and go hand in hand with Virbank City Gym (as you all know), but I always find trouble coping once they've been used (does anybody know of any trainer I can use to retrieve Item cards from the discard pile? Sableye won't fit into this deck) The Evosoda and Rare Candy are as back up to help get all 3 Crobats out as quickly as possible, Cheren and N are used as back up when and only when needed, N usually finds a way being the card that prevents me from decking out, Giant Cloak goes well with Gold Potion Pokemon Centre Lady as the extra hp has proven vital... Finally, the 4 Level Balls are primarily used to get Zubat and Golbat into my hand although Grimer, Foongus and Amoongus are also retrievable and as said before can sometimes prove to be the difference (especially with Foongus being capable of further helping me to get Crobats on the field quickly), both Ultra Balls are used when I need so to change the tide, Crobats and Muk's can't be retrieved with Level Balls while Crobat wouldn't if I used Heavy Balls.




6x Psychic Energy

6x Grass Energy

4x Double Colourless Energy



Energies explained:

This deck only needs a small amount of energies... As Amoongus's main purpose is to confuse and poison the opponent, it's no need for many energies, while having grass energies allows decisions to remain open depending on the situation, meanwhile all 5 psychic pokemon only need one psychic energy each... Double Colourless Energies are used mainly on Crobat because the quicker I can use UTF the better...



So there's my deck, I dunno if it's been thought up before though I'm sure a straight poison deck has probably been done before, but I put a lot of effort into this, it's not yet finished as I just put it together today but based on its performance against a Yveltal/Darkrai deck I'd assume it definitely has potential... Any suggestions would be appreciated as I want to learn and make this deck the best it can be, thanks, and I hope you enjoyed reading!

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Guest ArtichokeCat

Add Garbodor+Float Stones to counter Virizion EX

Also, you should add more Rare Candy and Draw Supporters.

And actually, 16 Energy is a higher than normal for a deck.

Most run from 8-12

I would recommend taking out the the Grass Energy and the Muk line.

Muk just takes too long to power up!

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