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A New Twist on Plasma Decks


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This is just a cool deck I made on the Pokemon TCG Online. It revolves around Glaceon's nice ability, Freeze Zone. It gives all of your Team Plasma Pokemon 2 less Retreat Cost. Now, as you take a look at this list, keep in mind I don't have any of those popular cards like Deoxys EX and Thundurus EX, but I just did the best with what I have.


*Means Team Plasma Card


Volcarona Glaceon Deck

2 Druddigon

3 Larvesta

3 *Volcarona

2 Eevee

2 *Glaceon

1 Magikarp

1 Gyarados

2 Energy Retrieval

2 Fiery Torch

1 Town Map

1 Scramble Switch (ACE SPEC)

2 Ether

2 Energy Search

2 Level Ball

2 Pokemon Catcher

2 Ultra Ball

2 Random Receiver

2 Potion

2 N

2 Professor Juniper

2 Blacksmith

2 *Colress

2 Giant Cape

2 Rocky Helmet

2 Double Colorless

6 Water Energy

6 Fire Energy


Have fun! ;)


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Firstly making the decklist from what you have is quite good for a Begginer.


Volcarona is actually quite nice as it can get acclerated by both Blacksmith and Colress Machine/Plasma Energy(which i dont know if you have)


To make the best of Glaceons ability I would suggest to run more Plasma Pokemons particulalrly the Plasma Eeveelutions.

Flareon 2-4, Vaporeon x1 are uncommons so should be relatively easy to get via any odd trade or even from a Free pack :)

Leafeon is rare but 1/2 is sufficient enough.


Also just like the way you did with volcarona if you have decided to run a Pokemon, for the sake of consistency it is ideal to run lines 2-2, 3-3, 4-4.

3-3 is a minimum if its your main attacker

2-2 less common but can be used

1-1 in exceptional cases otherwise there is no point of running such line.


Also what I'm telling is Mandatory for all decks. You need alot of of drawing support and for that most decks you see has atleast 10 Drawing/Shuffling for New Hand supporters.

Typical Nos:

4 junipers

2-4 N

0-4 Shaunas

2/3 Colress#

1/2 Random Reciever


Skyla is debatable but you may find it compulsory in some decks.

Blacksmith/Shadow Triad are supporters but not drawing and have great advanatges for some decks.


You do have good energy count. Only things I'd say is from your given decklist i would run only two water energy and the other fours basic fire so Blacksmith/Flame torch are more effective. reason being is gyarados is your only water attacker needing minium 1 water energy to attack.

Proffesors Letter is very good for decks and probably is ran x1 in most meta decks atm.


Ive underlined cards that could be helpful for your deck and Most which shouldnt be too diffuclt to get. GL :) :)

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