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sorry for my English,i will try to explain this clearly.


Since the UI had changed,when player search for a card in their deck by using skyla,ultra ball or something,it looks like reading a scroll,so does the prize cards.


when I use Alph Lithograph to "look at all of your face down prize cards",it's hard to tell which card is located in a specific place,then i use town map after that.I had tried many times,i found the prize cards loacted randomly.It means Alph Lithograph can only tell u which 6 cards are prized,but it cant tell u their place now,i think it's a bug.


When i use Rotom hgss 20/90 after taking some prizes,the new prize card will overlap another old prize card rather than taking place of the switched prize card.When i use Dialga/Palkia Legend to "time control" my opponent after he has taking some prize cards,the new prize cards will also overlap old prize card rather than taking a new place.Maybe these are meaningless most of time,but i think they should be repaired.


One more bug,i found if my active Lugia Legend die while another Lugia Legend is benched and having PM on the both sides,i can't select it as my new active PM.It will turn grey,i cant click on it.


I hope they can be repaired,many thanks.

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Hi BlickW,


When Alph Lithograph is used, you can click the Show Playmat button on the bottom-right corner of the panel to see where each prize card is specifically located.


We have been unable to replicate your reports with Rotom and Palkia & Dialga LEGEND. Prize cards appear to be removed before a new prize card is placed down, as intended. If you continue to experience this, a re-installation of the game may help. You can perform a re-installation by first fully uninstalling the game, taking care to remove all related files and folders from your computer, and downloading the latest version of the installer from the Pokémon TCG Online front page.


Regarding your final report, this can be found on the Known Bugs thread in the Announcements subforum.

- When an Active Pokémon LEGEND is Knocked Out, a benched copy of that Pokémon LEGEND cannot be switched to the Active position or zoomed.


Thanks for your reports and your patience!

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