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Cant submit support ticket... (plus my actual problem)


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hello I am having some trouble with the online game (duh, why else would I be here...). I have searched the forums for a solution to my problem, found one or two that apply and have...attempted... to do what had been said but with no luck.


So I have been trying to submit a support ticket so I could get a walkthrough on how to do it, since I'm not even sure that what I have been trying was even it...


but every time I try to create a ticket...the site tries to redirect me to the support portal and says invalid query or something along those lines...thus I cant even attempt to create a ticket to send in...


so yeah...thats what I'm dealing with there... so I guess I will post my real problem here.



I have recently downloaded and installed the game, it seems to load up just fine. But when I try to log in, it will try to authenticate (I guess my account) for about 15 seconds, then give up and say that the servers (or whatever) have timed out, so I cant seem to log in.



So like I said I had searched the forums for a similar problem with solution. the only solutions I have found involved checking my firewalls and making sure that they are letting the game (and all the ports[?]) connect to the internets (or whatever it has to do).


I Have told my firewall to let the game through, but still no luck...


thus the only thing left to try was the port thingy...I found a thing with my firewall that displayed stuff with port numbers and such...but I have no idea what to do with it...I did try playing around with it...but still no luck...



So this is my problem, any help or feedback would be appreciated. Any info you need to help me better I would be glad to provide as I would very much like to play this game.


~~with pls and thnk u's --- Oyakiiv~~

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Hi Oyakiiv!


The issue you're experiencing with the support portal is a known one which our team is working on. It occurs when the first and/or last name fields on your pokemon.com profile are not filled out. For now, you can get around this by logging in to pokemon.com, accessing your profile and clicking "Edit Profile", and adding a first and last name. Then, you can submit a ticket by clicking the link in my signature, signing in with your pokemon.com credentials, and clicking the "Ask a Question" link. You should be brought to a ticket submission page where you can add details, attachments, etc.


Regarding your authenticating issue, it looks like you've tried all of our suggestions aside from port forwarding. Since the instructions for this task vary based on your hardware/software, you'll have to review the documentation that came with yours.


Nevertheless, it may be helpful to submit a ticket in case they can assist you further through individual investigation. Please let us know if the above method doesn't help you to submit a ticket.


Thanks for your patience, and good luck!

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