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Make it possible to remove the censor in friend chat


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So yeah im getting pretty sick of the censor.

it has gotten a lot btter over time but it still tends to be ovr active.

especially when i communicate with some of my non english friends in a different language...

now i get that the censor might be necessary to protect the youngsters on here but i would like to suggest an option for the older players that they can remove it when talking with friends.

it would ofcourse only be possibe fr certain accounts that havereacheda certain age (the players that is)

but then you could lift the filter and talk without having to retype whole sentences when there is one word that has been marked as inappropriate in english while yo might be speaking dutchor French or spannish or whatever.

'lemme knowhwat youguys hink would t bein any wy possible?

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We're not open to allowing users to see unfiltered text in the game, regardless of location or user age. We believe that a consistent, universal filter is critical to maintaining a family friendly environment in the game.


We are open to changing the filtering in the game so that it blocks the offending work, rather than the entire sentence (similar to what it does on the forums), but there have been higher priorities so we haven't had the time to really sit down and discuss it yet.

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