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Better searching/collection features!


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1) Allow searching for "not" - All of your current search requirements don't allow for the exclusion of anything. For example, I can search for "Pokemon EX" but I cannot exclude "Pokemon EX" by turning the check into an X, or while I can search for Grass-Type Pokemon, I cannot search to exclude "Grass Type" by turning the white circle around the energy for Grass into a Red Circle for example. The same applies to everything else where I could exclude something from a search.


2) Fix the "Attack Cost" section to not allow everything together as it does. For example, if I put together "Grass" and "Colorless" and an attack cost of "1", I shouldn't pull up a Charmander with a ® Attack of Draw In, and a (RC) Attack of Flare, which not only didn't have an attack that wasn't © or (G), it was the 2 energy attack that satisfied a © requirement and that does not help the search at all.


When I search for (G) or © that has an attack cost of 1, I want to see only cards that have attacks that are © or (G), and no other cards. It doesn't help when this search brings up 100s of cards that are nowhere near what i'm trying to look for, such as that Charmander.


3) A better way to search card names. It is impossible to search for the card "N", because the search will bring up every single card that has the letter "N" in its description or name. There's gotta be an easier way, such as using quotes or other things to narrow down the text written in the box.


4) An easier way to scroll the collection. When there are soooooooooooo many cards in my collection, scrolling through cards is impossible. There's no scroll bar to quickly move up and down the lists in the standard view. You could also allow us some keyboard controls, such as left/right or page up/page down during these screens to let us scroll through faster (and would help a lot when it comes to Laptop users who do not have mouse wheels normally). Another possibility for the standard card view is to let us simply press a letter which would then scroll the list over to cards that start with that letter.

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