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Looking For...


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Looking for..


Toxicroak ex- x4

Deoxys ex- x4 Power Connect

Virbank city gym x4

Team Plasma ball x4

Shadow Triad x4

Plasma Energy x4

Crobat x4 - Night Sight

Zubat x4- Free Flight

Hypertoxic Laser x4

Raichu- Circle Circut x2



What I have-

M- Charizard's

Charizard Ex


Ultra Ball's

Kangaskhan ex

M- Kangaskhan EX.


Other bulk stuff just ask


If your looking for packs tell me which and how many.


- AterGamer

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ive got 3 zubat, 1 crobat, 4 plasma energy, 4 shadow triad.


6 packs for all those? you have plasma freeze?

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