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upgrading my plasma tornadus ex


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Hi guys..im desperate to upgrade my plasma tornadus ex to fa version..thus, I posted here amd hope any1 cpuld grant my wish.i offer reg plasma tornadus ex and 1 ff for the upgrade and its always in public.pls accept them if any1 of u are interested with

Also, can I ask if which coin is unobtainable in this game? I have all coins tagged in louis binder, does tat mean I completed already? I juz need double confirmation and thx for the answer earlier cymantex. =)

Lastly would be upgrading of landarus ex (might be a bit low), reg +1pack of ff for fa..due to rotation, I don dare to offer too high for them until its confirm

Oh ya..I miss out 1 qs..any1 know the price of mew2, victini thundurus and deoxys sleeve? I m interested to know the rough estimation

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