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Trading Full Art Supporters, Full Art EX's, ETC.


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Here's a list of some of the stuff I'm trading.


Virizion EX Full Art- Looking for a Regular Virizion EX + Genesect EX, I will Give 4 Plasma Freeze Packs + The Full art Virizion EX. For the Genesect EX + Virizion EX.


Heatran EX Full Art- 3 Flash Fire packs and it's yours.


Pokemon Fan Club- 4 Flash Fire packs.


Ghetsis Full Art- 4 Flash Fire packs.


Thundurus EX Full Art- 6 Flash Fire


Dragonite Plasma Freeze qty*3- 1 FlashFire each.


Mega Kangashkan EX Secret Rare- 1 Regular Mega Kangashkan EX + 4 Flash Fire packs.


Send me an offer in game, I'll get back to you, I'll update the list for now this is what I need.

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