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Crobat/Laser Deck


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So i got back into the game about 2 weeks ago. My last deck was a Crobat/Laser and i just tried to improve it using useful cards in the current meta. Any suggestions would be welcome. However, i dont have any EXs of Psychic Type to add to this deck.

Pokemon -

Giratina x 2

Meloetta x 2

Crobat line 4-3-2


Trainers -

2 x Energy Retrieval

2 x Evosoda

4 x Laser

1 x Rare Candy

2 x Level Ball

1 x Startling Megaphone

2 x Red Card

3 x Switch (As many other players use Lasers and Giratina has a high Retreat cost)

1 x Cassius

2 x Cheren

1 x Cilan

3 x Lysandre

2 x N

2 x Prof Juniper

1 x Shauna

2 x Skyla

2 x Virbank

1 x Life Dew



9 Psychic Energy


Basic Strategy-

So Giratina uses Lasers to improve its Hex to a whooping 100 damage and Crobat uses Virbank to give 60 damage in betw. turns.

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I think you can cut the lasers no point poisoning with lasers then ultra fang with crobat.

and before you say the lasers are for giratina, I would recommend you completely just remove the giratina and just focus on a heavy line of crobats in stead like 4-2-4. you'll need more rare candy (like 4) for things to run properly.

with 2 N and 2 Juniper you're very unlikely to end up drawing the cards you want fast enough

I don't think life dew is a good ace spec in this deck, would recommend computer search I think

recommend some Mewtwo exs just to at least handle opponents who set up fast. A sigilyph or suicune may be considered also to stall heavy ex deck for a turn or two.

I think the lysandre count might be a bit excessive.

needs ultra ball to get the crobats

make sure your zubats are the one with the free retreat ability, probably useful to keep the retreat costs of the pokemon always at 0, means u can cut down a switch a bit as well.

not sure how useful energy retrieval will be, you probably won't get much opportunity where you can attach 3 psychic energy manually and survive.

I think virbank is quite critical for this deck so i might recommend going to 3

don't think cilan and cheren helps very much. you can consider professor's letter instead of cilan. much better.

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