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Random losses


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Something weird is happening....

i was playing pvp expert, with my yveltal, darkrai, garbodor deck.

It was a mirror match (my opponent played the same)

we went at eachotherfor a while and then oneturn i suddenly lost. I have no clue why.

i didnt concede, nor run out of a deck and we both had prizes left.

what happen beforethis was:

1 opponent used lysander to get my darkrai to the active spot, attacked it with his darkrai KOing it.

his darkra was als KO'ed that turn because of poison damage.

2 I selected my garbodor (ability) with floatstone on it to go into active spot,

so did my opponent (also with floastone on the garb).

i retreated my garbo and made yveal ex active, used hypntoxic and then y cyclone.

I selected one energy togo to my benched bouffoulatn and it said DEFEAT!


I got no tokens for the match, the statistics sheet was totally empty and thats it...


it has happend once before aswell but i thought thatwasjust a onetimething.. but apparently it happens more oftn.

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Hi RoyalDuke,


Did you happen to get placed in another match after that? This sounds like an issue which occurs when a matchmaking request is made and then cancelled, and then a new request is made.


If that's not the case here and you have any more information, please let us know. It may be more helpful to submit a support ticket for individual investigation. You can do so by clicking the link in my signature, signing in, and clicking "Ask a Question".


Thanks for your patience and your report!

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