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Basic Water Deck+: Any suggestions?


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I've been messing around with this deck for a while, so I thought I might ask for some feedback on it! It's still a work in progress, but it's worked well enough for me so far.


Note: For the most part, this is a hybrid of the [black & White - Basic Blue] deck and the [Mystic Typhoon] deck, hence the name.


~~~~[ Basic Water+ ]~~~~


= Pokémon =


******** x1 << for some reason this is censored, but you should be able to figure it out

Dewott x1

Samurott x1

Samurott (Shell Armor) x1


Spheal x2

Sealeo x1

Walrein x1


Keldeo x1


Suicune (Safeguard) x2


Minccino x2

Cinccino (Smooth Coat) x1


Miltank x2


Kangaskhan x2


= Trainer (26) =


[ACE SPEC] Computer Search x1

Escape Rope x2

Evosoda x2

Heavy Ball x1

Hypnotoxic Laser x1

Level Ball x2

Professor's Letter x3

Rare Candy x1

Switch x2

Ultra Ball x1

Cheren x2

Professor Juniper x3

Skyla x3

[Tool] Muscle Band x2


= Energy (16) =


{W} Water x12

{C}{C} Double Colorless x4




First off, since this is a Water deck, it works well against (Flash)Fire decks. It sets up quickly, too:


O Rare Candy and/or Evosoda help bring out Samurott and Walrein to assist Miltank's Powerful Friends attack, which can deal a respectable 80 damage for 1 Energy.

O Cinccino's Smooth Coat helps stop damage, and Echoed Voice can deal 100 damage for 3 Energy.

O Double Colorless Energy is great for powering most of the Pokémon's moves. If you want to close out a game on its first few turns, Skyla can bring out Professor Juniper or Computer Search, helping you get {C}{C} Energy quickly.

O Muscle Band bolsters attacks like Samurott's and Keldeo's Hydro Pump.




O Kangaskhan is a benchwarmer. Minccino and Kangaskhan were originally needed to bring out Pokémon with Call For Family, but that doesn't seem like a big issue anymore. What else should I replace it with?

O I should probably add a copy or two of Walrein and Cinccino, just to avoid those cards being Prized.




So, yeah, that's about it! Hopefully, I'll learn some new ideas from you guys! :D

(Also, sorry for the wall of text)


TL;DR: Set up and take control of the game as quickly as possible. Also, Kangaskhan's is next to useless in this deck.

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