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LF expensive stuff - Paying in packs/Cards!


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I am currently looking for:

4x Tropical Beach (2012 prefered)

3x SR Ultra Ball


Currently I have the following packs


Flashfire - 136

XY - 192

LT - 80

Plasma Blast - 115

Plasma Freeze - 39

Plasma Storm - 11

Dragons Exalted - 40

Dark Explorers - 16

Emerging Powers - 2

Noble Victories - 1


I also have a lot of EX half arts, some FA Supports, Foil League Energies and a LOT of cards in my binder.


I'm currently muted in game for accidentally pasting an email in chat (whoops!) so offer me in game or tell me your offer here.

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What value rate are you trading for the cards? I have a beach I can sell to you but would like to sell it for Top Cut trade rate. Let me know if that works for you. In game name is xGaMbL3x777.

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