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The Team Championship: (V2.0)


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The Team Championship:




I have been expecting you...I don't want you to talk, I just want you to...give me your Pokemon hahahahahahah!

-The evil Trevenant



Congratulations! Bravo! A round of applause! You have successfully made it to "The Team Championship" home page unharmed (at least I hope so...) so I would like to give you a warm welcome to my latest thread!


In case you haven't heard...I'm a little, how should I put it...on edge. I was walking along in the forest with my Swadloon the other day when a giant Trevenant tried to reach out and grab me. I was confused, and frankly quite scared...so I ran out of the forest as fast as I could and made it back home safely. I had never seen any Pokemon so...agitated...before. It didn't seem to have any control over its actions, it just...attacked with no remorse or mercy.


The next day I decided to visit the Professor and tell him what I saw. But he wasn't there...I spoke to his assistant and they told me he hadn't been back to his lab for three whole days! I knew something was up, but I wasn't sure what it was. The Professor has been investigating these mysterious Mega evolutions recently, and would certainly never even dream of missing out on work. Doreen, his wife, said he didn't come home for dinner the night before either...and if I know the Professor as well as I think I do, he would never, and I mean NEVER miss out on homemade Cottage pie.


It was later that day when I was heading back home across the Beach when I saw it. There were two men, dressed head to toe in black and red outfits, with the logo "Team Shadow" emblazoned on their jackets. I saw them take a small paper bag from an elderly lady and push her to the ground, before running away with it, sniggering childishly as they went. I quickly ran over to the lady to help her up, and she told me that within that bag contained some rare fruits that the Professor had asked her to collect a few days over from the nearby forest. She told me that the same Trevenant that I had met only a day ago had attacked her, and after a narrow escape these two goons had chased her down to the beach, until she couldn't run any further.


That was when I decided that I wasn't gonna stand for this. It isn't right that these criminals can go running about doing what they want, stealing things and attacking people. It's not going to be easy though...I'm still not sure what we are up against, and I'm going to need a strong team to beat them. That's where you come in...


I want to join forces with a team of four of the strongest Pokemon trainers in the land, and take down these bad guys once and for all. To find out who I want to join my team I'm holding a competition, called "The Team Championship" where you can each form teams of four trainers and will battle in various tournaments of different formats (modified, unlimited and fun formats) with a point based scoring system. The winning team at the end will receive a special reward from me and join forces one last time to take down the leader of the evil Team Shadow.


If you are reading this...I need your help, and I need it now. Ask around via PM's or in the chat and form your team, or if you are unable to find other members you can post on this thread below. Choose your team name, and then either message me in game or post on the thread the following entrance form:



TEAM NAME:___________

MEMBER #1 NAME:__________

MEMBER #2 NAME:__________

MEMBER #3 NAME:__________

MEMBER #4 NAME:__________

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Team Data:


TEAM NAME: Courteous


MEMBER #1 NAME: Chiguy

MEMBER #2 NAME: Cherryllia

MEMBER #3 NAME: Wiz-Prince

MEMBER #4 NAME: Samurott0526




TEAM NAME: Furious Five


MEMBER #1 NAME: FreeSpirit87

MEMBER #2 NAME: Rokresh

MEMBER #3 NAME: ImMrFlubaDub

MEMBER #4 NAME: C_Huyhn172



TEAM NAME: Grizzly's Gang


MEMBER #1 NAME: GrizzlyTrade

MEMBER #2 NAME: DesDaddy

MEMBER #3 NAME: Letsgomets

MEMBER #4 NAME: Jery95





MEMBER #1 NAME: CuttingEdge007

MEMBER #2 NAME: Matthew69

MEMBER #3 NAME: Cymantex

MEMBER #4 NAME: Matthew69 (temp)



TEAM NAME: Burning Champions


MEMBER #1 NAME: Ciri_car

MEMBER #2 NAME: Seeker33

MEMBER #3 NAME: LordColress

MEMBER #4 NAME: Neochamp25



TEAM NAME: KingOfSpades


MEMBER #1 NAME: Rolfeddyboy

MEMBER #2 NAME: RoyalDuke

MEMBER #3 NAME: Pokeblammo

MEMBER #4 NAME: Supernova51D

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Tournament Breakdown:



With the threat of Team Shadow's ruthless evil looming on the horizon it is important that we assemble our finest team immediately and ready ourselves for action!


It's necessary to take note that our strongest team needs not only to showcase their strength and power, but also their adaptability and creativity. I hope that the range of tournament formats will encourage you as competitors to think outside the box on your journey to victory.


It is also vital that any team should be able to work together successfully, making the most of their strengths and covering for their weaknesses. Team's can work together on deck ideas before their matches, and discuss strategies in order to better prepare themselves for their upcoming battle.


At any one point there will be two different tournaments running at once, one Standard, modified tournament and also one alternate format (of which the rules and regulations will change on a tournament to tournament basis). Every team shall enter two of their players into each battle format.


Within this battle format there will be a series of matches in Swiss-style format, before the top 4 players in each tournament will move onto their respective Top Cut's where it will be a straight knock-out battle. Deck changes will be allowed between rounds in order to encourage further creativity.


The rules for each specific tournament will be announced as and when their details are released, so if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask me before completing your match, or post on the Forum page to ask for further guidance.


With all that said and done, I wish everyone well on their journey, and in the appropriate fashion I shall leave you with this:


"May the best Team win!"

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Current Team Leaderboard:



.1st Place: Red Zone & Grizzly's Gang- 12 Points

.3rd Place: Courteous- 8 Points

.4th Place: Furious Five-6 Points

.5th Place: King Of Spades & Burning Champions-4 Points



*NOTE: Points are currently awarded as 2 points for a win, 0 points for a loss, this is subject to change/vary between events.



Parings and Results:




Tournament #1: XY-Onwards Commons/Uncommons




TEAM: Grizzly's Gang:





TEAM: Burning Champion's:






TEAM: Red Zone:





TEAM: KingOfSpades:










TEAM: Furious Five:








Round 1:

DesDaddy (W) 1-0 Versus Seeker33 (L) 0-1

Jery95 (W) 1-0 Versus LordColress (L) 0-1

Cymantex (W) 1-0 Versus RoyalDuke (L) 0-1

Matthew69 (W) 1-0 Versus Supernova51D (L) 0-1

Samurott0526 (L) 0-1 Versus c_huyhn1712 (W) 1-0

Cherryllia (W) 1-0 Versus Rokresh (L) 0-1


Round 2:


Matthew69 (W) 2-0 Versus DesDaddy (L)1-1

Cherryllia (L) 1-1 Versus Cymantex (W) 2-0

Jery95 (2-0) (W) Versus C_huyhn1712 (L) 1-1

Samurott0526 (W) 1-1 Versus Rokresh (L) 0-2

LordColress (W) 1-1 Versus RoyalDuke (L) 0-2

Supernova51D (L) 0-2 Versus Seeker33 (W) 1-1


Round 3:



Matthew69 Versus Samurott0526

Cymantex Versus Jery95

Seeker33 Versus Des_Daddy

LordColress Versus Cherryllia

Supernova51D Versus C_hyunh1712

RoyalDuke Versus Rokresh





Tournament #1: Standard Modified





TEAM: Grizzly's Gang:





TEAM: Burning Champions:





TEAM: RedZone:





TEAM: KingOfSpades:





TEAM: Courteous:





TEAM: Furious Five:








Round 1:

GrizzlyTrade (W) 1-0 Versus CuttingEdge007 (L) 0-1

Letsgomets123 (L) 0-1 Versus matthew69 (Stand-in) (W) 1-0

Ciri_car (W) 1-0 Versus Chiguy (L) 0-1

Neochamp25 (L) 0-1 Versus Wiz-Prince (W) 1-0

RolfEddyboy (L) 0-1 Versus ImMrFlubaDub (W) 1-0

Pokeblammo (W) 1-0 Versus FreeSpirit87 (L) 0-1


Round 2:


GrizzlyTrade (W) 2-0 Versus PokeBlammo (L) 1-1

Ciri_car Versus (L) 1-1 Wiz-Prince (W) 2-0

ImMrFlubaDub (W) 2-0 Versus Matthew69 (L) 1-1

FreeSpirit87 (L) 0-2 Versus Letsgomets123 (W) 1-1

RolfEddyBoy (W)1-1 Versus Neochamp25 (L) 0-2

Chiguy (L) 0-2 Versus CuttingEdge007 (W) 1-1


Round 3:



GrizzlyTrade Versus ImMrFlubaDub

Wiz-Prince Versus CuttingEdge007

Matthew69 Versus PokeBlammo

Letsgomets123 Versus RolfEddyboy

Ciri_Car Versus Neochamp25

Freespirit87 Versus Chiguy

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MEMBER #1 NAME: Chiguy

MEMBER #2 NAME: Cherryllia

MEMBER #3 NAME: Blazerkan

MEMBER #4 NAME: Samurott0526

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Hello, Matthew69 :D Once again, you came up with an interesting thread. I like how you wrote a short story as attraction. I would like to play and since I'm looking for a team too, I think I want join Chiguy's team.

Hello, Chiguy :D I'll be awaiting your reply.

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Team Name: Furious Five


Player 1: FreeSpirit87

Player 2: aoi_mitsuhide

Player 3: ImMrFlubaDub

Player 4: C_Huyhn172


5th Reserve Player: Rokresh

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Hi Matthew :) I like the idea of this tourney so I'm interested. Here's my team.



Player 1: GrizzlyTrade

Player 2: DesDaddy

Player 3: Letsgomets

Player 4: pkmnkingnik

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I like to join in this tourney and i like the idea of it. :) well i need to form a team or join a team, I message again once i'm in a team.

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I'd like to join , and Looking for a team:

TEAM NAME: ___________

MEMBER #1 NAME: ciri_car

MEMBER #2 NAME:seeker33

MEMBER #3 NAME: championsnivy6

MEMBER #4 NAME: neochamp25


I am muted in game so if anyone want in post here

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Team Name -TBA-


Player 1: Rolfeddyboy

Player 2: RoyalDuke

Player 3: Pokeblammo

Player 4: -Going to ask supernova-

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Looking for a team! Message me here or add me in game.


TEAM NAME:___________

MEMBER #1 NAME: ciri_car

MEMBER #2 NAME: Seeker33

MEMBER #3 NAME: Chiguy

MEMBER #4 NAME:__________


I added you in game Cherry.


Hello, Chiguy. Thanks for adding me :D As I have enquired before, I would like to join your team. Um... Am I in your team already, Chiguy? Just to make sure. Thanks.

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chiguy sry i am not able to PM u in game but that last spot is reserved for someone i invited. If he do not show up i'll see who will fill that spot


Sry for misunderstanding

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possibly interested in this, although I don't have many EX decks to switch out with. Probably would be playing with just one, or several non-ex decks.


if interested, catch me in game or post here.

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Just so everyone knows, because of a few things like exams there has been a small delay in starting, however I now have a definite start date for everyone to get their teams ready :).


Everyone must have their teams ready by the 16/06/14.

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Looking for two more players.


TEAM NAME: ___________

MEMBER #1 NAME: Chiguy

MEMBER #2 NAME: Cherryllia

MEMBER #3 NAME: __________

MEMBER #4 NAME: __________

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