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A Reminder of Misc Service


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Due to the heavy amount of trades I've been taking on recently, I think it would be a good time now to remind the forums what function I serve in the trading world.



First and foremost, I am a member of both Top Cut Inc. and Zaftco, both of which are great companies with great leaders, staff, etc. Although the economy of our community has been a little unstable the past few weeks, these Trading Incs have done a nice job in doing what they can to get people the cards they need.



That being said, I do not handle ANY trades which are given explicit prices on either of these threads. Instead, I am useful for trading:



Canada (Gem) Promos

German (Lati) Promos




HGSS-CoL Packs



Addtionally, due to extreme unstability, I will be selling:



SR Ultra Ball

Full Art N

Tropical Beach



For a limited time. The prices of all the above differ depending on my stock of each. I only take Packs, and only the certain types I want. (My wants often change daily if not hourly).



I do not respond to requests on the forums, I can only be dealt with via PM. Messages on here will be ignored and in game trade offers sent without a conversation prior will be ignored and/or denied. It is for this reason the above are NOT tagged in my binder.



I also give in-store credit for cards I need. You can inquire about this when you PM me in-game.

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