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Crystal barrier on carbink


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I'm not entirely certain wether this is a bug or not, but here is the thing:

i used crystal barrier attack and flipped a heads so the effect should have been: prevent all effects of attacks, including damage done to this pokemon during your opponent's next turn.

then my AI opponent used an attack from liepard: Taunt

which states: switch the defending pokemon with one of your opponent's benched pokemon.

In my eyes that would be an effect of an attack and should have been prevented...

or was this not intended as such? please let me know.

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I guess it could be argued that liepard's attack exactly an effect on the defending pokemon, but rather its an attack that affects the defending player.

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This is working as intended.


Push effects target the Active Pokemon and send it to the Bench. Pull effects target a Benched Pokemon and force it to the Active position. The player making the selection is the key to differentiating a push from a pull. If the defending player is making the selection, it's a push. If the attacking player is making the selection, it's a pull.


Since Taunt makes the attacking player choose the new Active Pokemon, it's a pull effect. It targets a Benched Pokemon and the game rules force Carbink to be sent to the bench. If Taunt made the defending player choose the new Active, that would be a push effect which targeted Carbink, and would be prevented by the effects of Crystal Barrier.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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