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Wipeout crash


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Had this happen twice now, where if I wipe out my opponent's last Pokemon for the win, the game just doesn't end. It doesn't crash, but just sits there. I can open the chat box and stuff, albeit I can't send any messages.


Thought it strange and worth reporting.




EDIT: Since posting I've found that this is now also happening randomly. I will be in the middle of a game and it just stops. This is incredibly annoying as I spend time on matches and then can't get the rewards from said matches.

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Hi TheCastellan151,


Does the opponent go idle when you experience this, or does any sort of idle timer pop up? This may be related to a bug with the idling feature, which was reported to the Dev team last week.


Otherwise, any more information you could provide would be incredibly helpful. :)


Thanks for your patience!

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