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If you want to really annoy EX's


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EX's are annoying when you start out, let's face it. Usually you have what you think is an awesome strategy that has been un-matched in your practice battles. Then you decide to step into the deep end and enter the realm of PVP.. where the big Magikarp eats the little Magikarp, and only the strongest will survive! And, like the brave Magikarp you've become you accept the challenge. But, just about as soon as you start the battle, a shining image stares back at you like your their next meal... The dreaded Ex Pokemon powers up it's battle hardened attack strategy, and alas, you might as well be a fish stick. Ever since then you have wanted your revenge.

Float like a Butterfree, sting like a Beedrill.



Pokemon 12

2 Skrelp

2 Dragalge


1 Suicune

1 Sigilyph


3 Litleo

3 Pyroar


Energy 12


2 Water

2 Psychic

4 Fire (or rainbow)


Supporters 36

3 Lysandre

2 Poke Fan Club

1 Poke Center Lady

2 N's

2 Skyla

2 Evo soda

3 Pal Pad

3 Hypno Lasers

2 Startling Megaphone

2 Professors letter

4 Roller Skates

2 Bicycle

3 Float stones

2 Switch

3 Virbank


So the idea here is to catch your opponents EX/Basic pokemon, and then poison them. They wont be able to retreat due to Dragalge's Ability. Switch out your active Pyroar for Suicune or Sigilyph if they get a Mega Evolution out. Usually people will play a multi stage evo to deal with Safeguard pokes or Pyroar. In this case I would suggest you add some more Hammers or Team Flares. Also, note that the trainers used for card drawing power are mainly items along with pal pad to pull out discarded supporters. Random receiver can help in this strategy as well to pull a supporter when you need one. Shadow Triad is a good option, especially with a pal pad to pull it back out. If you run across Keldeo, you MUST poison him.

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Keldeo's rush counters Dragalge's barrier.

Also I would change the rollers for more deck searchers like N or Juniper.

You need muscles too.

If you go for hammer, dont use so many types of pokemon.


Good luck

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Keldeo's rush counters Dragalge's barrier.


The trick to Keldeo is to Lysandre and poison him .. Keldeo can't retreat unless your opponent has poke-lady, full heal , or an audino.. same for any problem like Garbo.. Lysandre(Catcher)>Megaphone>Laser || Shadow Triad>Pal Pad the Lysandre and Triad

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I once played a player who used Carnivine to catcher out my pokemon and poison it, then lock it with dragalge

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No one has really explained why dragalge is used over snorlax?


Snorlax is Basic, saves deck space and has less risk of getting donked under 3 turns.

Dragalge being an evolution doesnt make a difference i dont see it taking on pryroars anyway.


Fairy weakness is certainly the best feature of it since fairy is very less played. And snorlax weakness to fighting dislikes landorus along with the rest of teh low HP pokemons.


Virizion counters dragalge, its ability only activates if the pokemon is poisoned unlike snorlax in the other hand.

Snorlax will cause some hesitance for any Keldeo+float stone combo saves you from using lysandre on it.


Although snorlax's retreat is an issue, you can easily add a 3rd switch or float stones with the slots it provides.


If you ask me, snorlax seems the better choice.

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