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Wrong Energy Cards Discarded


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This seem like a bug I should report.


Only just started playing so not sure if someone else has mentioned this.


I was playing a trainer challenge with Delphox from the XY Theme deck and I had 3 fire energy and 2 dark energy card


The move I know only needs 4 energy cards so when I used it and had to discard one I right clicked and selected a Darkness card but it discarded a Fire energy card I tried this the 2nd time and the same happened?


This could be my pc maybe but thought it best mentioned





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Hi WitherX8,


We were unable to replicate this report. This could be an instance of the game malfunctioning due to the amount of Energy cards you had attached to Delphox. If you continue to experience this, it may help to complete a full re-installation of the game. You can do so by uninstalling the game, taking care to remove all related files and folders from your computer, and downloading the latest version of the installer from the Pokémon TCG Online front page.


Thanks for your report, and good luck!

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