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[GAME] Chat - Friend List Bugged (Can't see friends as online even if they are online)


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When I try to add a friend to my list, it is showing that they are "offline", and I can not start a versus battle with him.


BUT, we can see each other chat in the lobby, and can also send each other messages. but it is showing as OFFLINE for both him and me, and we can not initiate a versus battle because of this.


please help! this is crazy!

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Hey there,


I don't get if its a bug or its something related with privacy settings but some people which i have added as friends in my friend list , i can't see them online (in friend battle list too) . They were online at the time i observed this . So it is some kind of bug or my friend did some changes to his/her privacy settings to avoid being seen online :(.


Does not matter if i can see them as online or not , just need to ask for confirmation :)



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It would be best to email Customer Support for this one, because it may require sharing some personal information (such as the names of friends you cannot see -- please do not list those in here :)). Personally, I do not see any settings amiss, and I am able to see your online friends.


If you submit a ticket please include the following information:


All friends show as offline? If only some friends show as offline please include their screen names in case it is an issue on their end. When the problem began.


In the meantime, you may want to try a reboot, and running the game from Refresher.exe in your Pokemon install folder.



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