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Spirit of the Game


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Had a game this morning that got me thinking on this notion. I was playing an opponent and was getting bum draws early on, and so he was taking a swift lead in the game. However once those bum draws were out of the way I got set-up and started to steal the game back. At that point my opponent started accusing me of taking too long (not necessarily the point of the thread, but for the record none of my turns took over a minute). He got rather snarky with comments about me not having a real life, and this somehow led him to the statement that inspired this thread.


According to my opponent, everyone knows the game is about completing your turns as quickly as possible, and not about winning. Now being a big gamer across lots of different types of gaming, I am solidly of the believe that the point of any given game is dependent on the player playing it, and indeed is different from player to player; nobody is wrong in this matter. If he wasn't acting so sorry about the topic I would have engaged him in this discussion at the time, but that doesn't allow me to ignore what he said all the same, and so it got me thinking.


Most of the players I have played against (and myself included) don't overspend time but will still take our time to consider our strategy with the objective of winning the game. If a player doesn't get the minute warning by the AI then I consider it a turn well spent. I respect people who want to play faster, and indeed sometimes no thought is needed, but I found the idea that the objective of the game is to play your turn as fast as possible to be strange.


So, what to you is the point of the game? Discuss.

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Well, just like in any competition--be it sports, cooking competitions, spelling bees, or whatever--it makes sense to have some personal goal that goes beyond just "winning." People take part in competitions for a variety of reasons. Some want a challenge, some want to gain some knowledge/insight/skill, some may like being on a team (doesn't really apply to this game, LOL), and hopefully most people genuinely enjoy whatever competition they are in.


But in none of the competitions I can think of is winning within an allowed time limit frowned upon. I love the strategy involved in this game, and I even think the TCG Online provides a great opportunity for me to improve my speed. But if my game goes south when I'm moving quicker than another player, I'd question whether I might need to slow down.


Yes, it is completely understandable that just about everyone wants to win, but if someone's following the time limit, the spirit of the game calls for sportsmanship.

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Personally, I treat my games like I would a chess match. With any deck, my goals for a match are (in order of priority):

1. Win

2. in as few turns as possible

3. while losing as few prizes as possible.


As long as I don't risk running out of my allotted total game time, I will take as much time on a single turn as I feel is necessary, to avoid misplays. Over time and with practice, decision-making becomes quicker (and better), and nowadays I usually take as much time as my opponent or less. But when I started, my turns were often quite long, and I received negative comments about that.



P.S. A time-saving tip for people: If you want to chat, only type during your opponent's turns.

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