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Let me just say that I appreciate the PTCGO and play it every day. It has made Pokemon even more enjoyable alongside my real-life TCG collection and video games. That said, I have a couple of suggestions for the friends list in the main menu. It would be nice if the green exclamation point only showed up when someone on your friends list was trying to send you a message. Another option would be creating more than one symbol or multiple colors so that you could tell the difference between a friend and someone else sending a message. Also, there should be a way to let a friend know if you challenged them to a battle while they were in the middle of a different battle instead of the prompt that just states your challenge has not been accepted. Along with that, I think there should be a status line for your friends on the list that states whether they are currently battling, in a tournament, in the main menu, etc.


The reason I make this suggestion is because I recently made a new friend during a battle and we have been unable to communicate since that day because I have no effective way of informing them I am online unless they just happen to look at the friend bar and see that I sent them a message or that I'm online and send me a message. But why would they look at the sidebar when every time someone sends a public message the exclamation point pops up? I also cannot get their attention with a battle because I have no way of knowing if they are in a battle or not (they usually are I assume since my challenge is automatically denied).


Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope you guys will be able to implement a change someday.


Thank you!

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I personally really like those suggestions.


I have forwarded your suggestion to the proper channels for review!


Thank you for your suggestion!

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