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New Supporter Strategies And Your Pal Pad


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With the addition of fun new support cards (i.e. Lysandre, Fan Club, Poke Lady) comes the addition of the Pal Pad, and with it the addition of new strategy! I have now started running at least one of each of these new supporter cards, if not more *cough*lysandre*cough*, and have taken out a couple of my 4/4 supporters like N and Shauna, and made them 3/4 lines instead. So here are a couple awesome strategies that the Pal Pad has offered all of us. If you have any of your own Pal Pad strategies, Please add them.


Pal Pad + Shadow Triad :: this is great if you want to run a couple of lasers (and who doesn't?) Although it isn't fool proof, it can help out in a tight spot.


Pal Pad + Ultra Ball :: Tired of throwing out energies or tools? Now we can throw out a supporter we don't need now, and then pull it back out with another Pal Pad later. (if only i could run more...)


Pal Pad + N :: This is great at giving you more rounds if you are running out of cards at the end game. Or if you want to make your over zealous attacker get his or her comeuppance. (chicks are brutal in this game dudes, do not under estimate them :P ) The longer the game goes on and the less cards are in your deck, you can get N's every few rounds which will cripple any extra energy support they might need end game.


Pal Pad + Super Energy Retrieval :: Perhaps your strategy depends on 4 energies to attach every round,often times pulled from your discard pile (you know who you are..) You have Sycamore or Juniper'd through half your deck and you only have a couple useless Cilan's left. Now you can throw them out instead of your extra Rare Candy. And then pull out some of those supporters you lost along the way.


These are a couple of useful strategies with a Pal Pad, What are your strategies?

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So the obvious issue with these new supporters being viable is that you can only use one supporter per turn. The first apparent fix is to use a Dual Brains Magnezone, but that isn't a permanent solution is it? Plus, with the addition of really awesome supporters like PokeFan Club, Lysandre, and Poke Center lady (a must for deck and cover and various other "sticky" situations) we end up trying to sacrifice other cards we depend on for more supporters that we can't play. Let's just say I have 2 cards in my hand, a Colress and Poke Center Lady. Also, my active Pkmn is 10hp away from death, poisoned and paralyzed. I could Colress and lose my Poke Center lady, or use my Poke Lady and possibly last another round. But I want to have my cake and eat it too... What about more supporter cards? Useless! I need Item Cards with drawing power, I can use as many as I need to..... without further adieu, I present a new philosophy in card drawing. This has had a remarkable set up time.


Lets just say you had 30 open spots in your deck for trainers, normally I would run 12-14 supporters at a 3x or 4x ratio.

N 4x

Shauna 3x

Juniper 3x

Colress 2x


But with the introduction of items like Roller Skates and Pal Pad, not to mention other awesome supporters, I began to realize a new strategy. Pulling cards with Items instead of traditional supporters makes for quicker setups and helps set up big card combos. This is a general look at what my trainer strategy looks like now


Roller Skates 4x

Bicycle 2x

Pal Pad 3x

N 2x

Colress 1x

Skyla 3x

Lysandre 1x

Poke Lady 1x

Team Flare 1x

Poke Fan Club 1x


Random receiver is viable as well to help pull the supporter you need, or use skyla to set up your next round. Pal Pad will get the supporters that help defend against your opponents strategies and their specific weakness.

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Even with Pal Pad. I dont plan on reducing Juniper. Having 4 of Her is just too good to not run. But it does help with the rest of my supporter line. For my VirGen deck my supporter line is.


4 Juniper

2 N

3 Shauna

3 Skyla

2 Shadow Triad


I generally dont like N since it both gives my opponents cards early on if their hand size are low, and can hurt late game. But with pal pad i have a chance to use N more often late game if i am losing.


I can see it being really helpful for decks that use Lysandre.

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