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Inactive opposing player error


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i was playing on pvp and somehow, during my turn, the Inactive opposing player came up... Blocking my screen and preventing me from clicking anything.

I thought oh well kind of weird but lets wait it out.

then when it neared 00:00 (00:17 to be exact) it suddenly got replaced by: you are inactive... you have 01:00 to return to the game... so i clicked resume and it got me right back ath the Inactive opposing player screen. but it had frozen up at 00:17. thus i could do nothing.

I had to push Ctrl+Alt+Del and close the game from there...

this wasnt the first time something like this had happend btw.

Please fix it.

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I also experienced a problem with inactive player.

At opposing player's minute 19 he got inactive and I got a message saying I'd win the match in 1:00 minutes. When the timer reached 0:00 nothing happened but the opposing player timer kept working, I got the win by around minute 10 on opposing player's timer.

Meaning after "you'll win in 1 minute" I had to wait an extra 8 minutes at least to get the win.

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Thank you both for the bug report(s), I have submitted your bug report to the devs so that this issue can be investigated further.


Thanks again!

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