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Sciper's Unique Deck's!


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Decided to just make my own deck page of unique decks! Here i will post my past decks i have shared in the past. I just need to look them up again to post them here. But also will post my current made decks/future decks.These will all be unlimited style so i can use my whole hgss-xy collection. and your welcome to make these decks and fix them up in an style you wish! changing pokemon/trainers/energies/etc.I'm not no pro at making decks i just like to attempt to make up new kinds! I like making up new pokemon combos together but when it comes to thinking up the right trainers/energy/etc i kind of just throw them together then i adjust trainers ********** as i play the deck to see what is truly needed and what not! anyways list are below with their names!




(date created 5/20/2014)



this first deck is called *Solweezy*


*pokemon* 12


Solrock x 4 (with Explosion Attack)


Koffing x 4 (Smoke Screen)

Weezing x 4 (Super Explosion)



*Trainers* 35


trainers are kind of all over the play welcome to fix to your liking



x2 crushing hammers

x1 energy retrieval

x4 evosoda but can also be x4 level balls if you choose.

x1 full heal

x2 lasers

x2 junk arms

x2 lost remover or enhanced hammer

x1 professors letter

x1 startling megaphone

x1 super rod

x1 colress

x1 lysandre

x2 N's

x2 juniper

x2 Prof Qak

x2 skyla's

x1 team flare grunt

x1 life dew

x4 protection cube *a must have in this deck*


*energy's* 14


10 Fighting

4 double Colorless




in this deck you want to set up either solrock or weezing then power up there explosion move and make sure you have a Protection cube attached to them then you can do 90 dmg for either 2 colorless with weezing or 1 fighting 2 colorless with solrock pretty straightforward deck just watch out for startling megaphones and tool scrappers!




*created by sciper*





New *deck!* posted on 6/2/2014 - -created i'm not sure made this one think back in plasma freeze day's




*pokemon 15*


Oshawott x4

Dewott x1

Samurott x3


Phanpy x3

Donphan prime x2


Keldeo ex x2



*trainers 30*


crushing hammer x1

enhanced hammer x1

gold potion x1

junk arm x2

catcher or lysandre could try swapping for him now if want x2

pokemon communication x2

rare candy x3

switch x1

ultra ball x2

bianca x1

colress x2

N x2

juniper x1

prof oak x3

skyla x3

float stone x2

giant cape x1



*energies 15*


Water x7

Blend water/fighting x4

Double colorless x4



this just a deck i made of some of my favorite pokemon you can either fight with donphan and do quick dmg or samurott and both have nice 20 dmg reduction samurott can even block dmg from donphan also have gold potion/junk arms to keep them up a bit and keldeo is just there to get either pokemon out of poison's but can also fight not really any strategy.





*created by sciper*

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another deck i posted not to long ago moving it over to this page.


haven't really thought of a name for it yet will post one for it later on.


(date created 5/18/2014)







+Main Fighter+

Kangasktan ex X3

Mega Kangasktan X2


+supporter for Khangasktan+

yamask X3

cofagrigus (damagriiigus) X2 a key card to this deck


+also a supporter for Kangasktan+

spritzee x2

aromatisse x2









computer search x1

crushing hammer x1

energy retrieval x1

enchanced hammer x1

full heal x2

heavy ball x3

junk arm x 2

professors letter x1

random receiver x1

max potion x2

megaphone x1

super rod x1

switch x1

ultra ball x1

caitlin x1

N x2

Prof Oak x2

professor sycamore x2

Skyla x3

fairy garden x3




Rainbow energy x4

Fairy energy x3

Psy x2

Double Colorless x4




Ok so now how the deck works. you basically want to set up your mega Kangasktan and your cofagrigus

on bench. you fight with Kangasktan use fairy/double colorless energy to use his move as well as have free retreat with fairy stadium. save your psy and 1-2 fairy energies for your cofagrigus when your mega kangasktan gets weak says 30/230 left you then can swap him for free to cofagrigus you then use his

Damagriiigus move to heal your benched mega Kangasktan to full hp while he still gets to keep his energy attached to him and do 200 dmg! to your opponent active pokemon! then if cofagrigus is still alive when your opponent brings out another pokemon free retreat back to Mega Kangasktan and repeat : ) then we also have Aromatisse so you can also choose to transfer any rainbow or fairy energy off of Kangasktan for an alt other way to heal : )



be sure to watch out for lysandre/catchers and also charizards 300 dmg.




*created by sciper*

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(date created 1/15/2014)


had a name for this forgot what i named it lol will remember later.



Pokemon - 14


Yanma x4

Yanmega Prime x3


Spoink x4

Grumpig x3


Trainers 36


x1 energy retrieval

x4 evosoda

x2 full heal

x1 laser

x2 junk arm

x2 lost remover or enhanced hammer

x1 max potion

x1 prof letter

x1 super rod

x2 switch

x1 startling megaphone

x4 copycat

x3 hugh

x3 judge

x2 N's

x2 Skyla

x1 Twin's

x3 Muscle Band's




energy 10


psy x6

double colorless x4




The strat is easy just keep your cards matching your opponents hand and you should be able to deal out 120 dmg or can use 30 dmg with confusion on grumpig or 70 dmg to 40 snipes for no energy with yanmega prime. not no meta deck but still very fun to play and fun always shuffling your opponent's hand.




*created by sciper*






That's all i'm gonna post for now i'll try to think up new decks and post them every 1-2 weeks, 1 new one each time some will include ex pokemon other's not.

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I've got a deck you might like to expore: confusion lock...

It was an idea i had a while back but it didn't work but now with flasfire there is a card that can perhaps make it work.

(if i may post my idea here :))

Pkmn 19

3 foongus

3 amoongus

4 yamask

3 cofagrigus (sx ft under)

3 skrelp

3 dragalge


29 trainers

3 N

2 Fan club (or collector if you play unlimited)

2 bianca

1 juniper

2 skyla

1 TB

3 Evosoda

3 switch

2 level ball

1 dowsing

2 devo spray

1 sacred ash

2 ultra b

1 super rod

1 pall pad

2 laser


energy 12

3 rainbow

9 psy


thats my list.

it needs work though.

the plan is to get your opposing pokemon confused and use slap of misfortune to make them unable to do damage.

and then dragalge to prevent retreating. the list i made is just thrown together really quick and it doesnt function that well yet but maybe you have some idea's for it :)

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sweet! thanks royal for the deck list! i'll make it right now and try out! : ) .... Ya same, their was tons of decks i've been wanting to make but haven't worked until this new set came out!



and sure! you and anyone else is welcome to post their decks here i'm just gonna edit my past post of decks and add on to them new ones down the road.

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Hey sciper i thought of another deck you might like :)

i call it steelchamp (steelix machamp)

I use steelix to shield from special conditions aswell as energy acceleration/recovery.


my list:


pokemon 15


4 machop

1 machoke

4 machamp (prime)

3 onix

3 Steelix (prime


Trainers 30



1 comp search

2 laser

2 junk hunt

3 max potion

4 rare c.

2 switch

2 ultra b.



2 bianca

2 flowershop lady

1 lysander

2 collector

3 oak

3 skyla

1 twins


energy 15


7 fighting

4 blend (wlsf)



I havent had the time to fully test it yet and thus it still needs some tweaking, but when it runs well its fun to play.

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Here is another fun deck i built a while back... and its fairly cheap to:

black kyurem ex + altaria...

the plan is to get a bk ex (bc) in play with on the bench 2 or 3 altaria's and a keldeo+floatstone.

and then just freeze shock your way to victory :D

anyways my list

pokemon 13

3x black kyurem ex (BC)

2x Druddigon (revenge ff)

3x Swablu (dragons ex)

3x altaria (fight song BC)

2x Keldeo ex


Trainers 34

2x bicycle

2x ether

2x evosoda

1x heavy ball

3x laser

3x level ball

1x sacred ash

1x super rod

2x ultra ball

2x bianca

1x cassius

1x fan club

3x juniper

2x shauna

2x skyla

2x beach (yeah for got about this one when i said it was cheap... but its not per se a requirement.. just use more draw supporters if you dont have beaches)

1x cry wall (it helps compensate for this deck's lack of speed

3x float stone


energy 13

6x lightning

4x water

3x blend (in case you face a pyroar deck to use on altaria for attacking)


well its pretty fun to play imo

people never see it comming cuz no one sees the potential in the black kyurem bc.

and with cry wall it stays out of range from attacks like evil ball or x ball :)

i have bested a number of tier one decks with this built but it wasn't easy in any of those matches

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i built another deck you might like :)

its trolling with yanmega prime XD

i called it "190 HP 0 Energy."


the plan is to set up 2/3 yanmega's and 3/4 flowerveil floettes

and then just keep attacking with and using max potions.

I ve only played a few matches so far but its doing really.

I bet it could be even better soon but i'd have to play with the trainer line up a bit.


my list as of now:


Pokémon: 18

4x Flabébé

4x Floette (flower veil)

2x Exeggcute (propagation)

4x Yanma (free flight)

4x Yanmega (prime)


Trainers: 42

1x Dowsing machine

3x Evosoda

4x Junk arm

4x Max potion

2x Pokémon communication

2x Sacred ashes

4x Switch

4x Copycat

4x Hugh

2x Judge

3x N

3x Pokémon collector

2x Floatstone

4x Muscle band


so with the ultimate hand you could be doing 90 damage on turn 2 with a yanmega that has 190 HP


Cards im still considering adding: Pal pad.

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