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My cards are gone


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I logged in after a while.

When I wanted to choose my deck it wasn´t at the list.

I opened it in the Deck Manager and it was incomplete.

Every card I ever got was gone, except those which were in the Theme Decks.

Is there a way to restore my cards? :(

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Hi Pikachu4212,


I'm sorry to hear that! I recommend submitting a ticket to the support team right away for investigation. To submit a ticket, simply click the link in my signature, sign in, and click "Ask a Question". Please add as much information as possible to your inquiry, including everything you've mentioned here.


Thanks for your patience!

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Hi again,


Great news! :) Thanks for the update. As this issue has been resolved, I'll be closing this thread. Feel free to create another if you come across any other problems.


Thanks for playing!

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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