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standard card rotation


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Hi, So I haven't been on for quite some time (right after BC was released). I'm a little out of the loop, what is the current last set you can use in a standard deck? Also, when is the next drop of a set to take place?

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The next drop happens every worlds.


BW Black Star Promos[/url] numbered 33 and higher

McDonald's Collection

Next Destinies


McDonald's Collection 2012

Dragons Exalted

Dragon Vault

Boundaries Crossed

Plasma Blast

Plasma Storm

Plasma Freeze

Legendary Treasures


XY Flashfire


Dragons Exalted, Dark Explorers, etc. should rotate out after worlds (Not positive yet though). And i don't know how promos work


EDIT: Had to fix due to weird error

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Very late, but thanks a bunch. I need to do some more research. This is the only pokemon tcg experience I'm involved with. Last time I had a real card and went to an live tournament was Base Set 2 days lol. I have always ran a Rain Dance deck since day one. I will like to have a legit one.

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