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My views on the game (suggestions/criticism)


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First off, I want to thank you for providing this free to play game. I've only been playing for about 1 week, but I've had plenty of fun with it so far.

But there are some things I think could be improved upon. This could get pretty long, so bear with me...


The UI is a bit of a maze. Finding my newly gained packs isn't made very obvious. I have to open the tab on the right, go to my collection, then click on the packs tab to find them. Why is there no indicator that I have unopened packs? Why is there nothing that tells me where to go to open my packs? Opening packs is one of the main aspects of playing a TCG, why is it tucked away in a far-away corner of the UI?

Also, it would be nice if we could reveal the cards from an opened pack one by one (but keep the option to open all at once in there as well). It would make opening packs just a little more exciting, to see your new cards appear one by one, instead of seeing them all at once on the screen.


Back to the UI. I feel the whole tab on the right is kind of unnecessary. Can't you fit 3 more buttons to include Deck Manager, Collection and Trade at the top of the screen somewhere? Then put the Options and Profile buttons somewhere in the corner of the screen as well. That whole tab could just go in my opinion.


The tab on the left is also a problem. It covers part of the main UI when it's extended, which makes chatting while doing stuff in the main UI a pain. I could find this acceptable on the lower resolution options maybe, but when I'm playing at 1920x1080 I expect to be able to keep the chat from overlapping the other stuff on my screen. Cut some of those thick borders, and move the main UI to the right side if the left tab is being extended.


Chat itself is a mess. General chat lobbies are being spammed with trade nonsense, and I often see attempts at conversations, or newbies asking questions being ignored due to the high amounts of trade spam going on in these lobbies. It would be really nice if you could try to enforce people to move to the trade chat if that's what they are using the chat for. Another problem with chat is being locked into the lobby that you enter when you login. Why is there no option for me to close any and all chat tabs? Seeing a constant notification on the left tab gets annoying, and with the amount of trade spam going on in the regular lobbies, I never know if a notification actually is something relevant (a PM from someone, friends request, an answer on my question in chat etc) or just another trade message (in 99% of the cases it's this).

Then there's chat during games. Why am I unable to continue the chat after the game's ended? I met someone nice during one of my PvP games, and we had a good chat. But as soon as I won the game, the chat closes and there's no way to continue the chat, nor to know who I played against. Even if it's just as simple as a "gg" after the game's ended, it would be nice to be able to say something. And also a way to see who I played against in my last match.


Another aspect that greatly annoys me is being unable to trade any of my cards. I feel very left out when 90%+ of the chat are trades, and there's always that big shiny trade button in the menu tab on the right, taunting me. I get it, you want people to buy cards in real life. But it would be nice if there was a way for people who don't buy cards in real life to trade cards too. Maybe have the trader NPC (Nathan) offer a different selection of tradable cards in exchange for non-tradable cards every few days. Nothing too fancy, but enough for free players to get a few trades done once in a while.

Another thing I'd love to see is an option to buy card packs with real money (that come with tradable cards), and I honestly can't think of a reason why this isn't in the game yet. While I do like my games free, I'll gladly drop a few dollars once in a while, even if it's just to support further development of the game. Also, I don't know of anyone around here that's interested in Pokémon or TCGs, I have no reason to buy real cards; they only take up space, collect dust or get damaged. I'd rather just buy digital cards (would be nice if they were a little cheaper too...) But seriousy, why is this not in the game yet?


While the reward system for Trainer Challenge is nice for the beginning player, there isn't much incentive for playing real PvP. Daily rewards are given merely for logging in, and then a 10 coin reward for playing a single PvP match. After that, you get a single coin, regardless of the outcome of the match. A single coin honestly isn't much, considering the cheapest packs go for 95 coins each. I'm not asking for free packs for winning every PvP match, but getting only ~1% towards a pack per game is a little demotivating. Keep the 1 coin reward for the losing player, but give something extra to the winner (3 coins per win?). Assuming a perfect case scenario, a player has a steady 50% winrate at a consistent amount of 5 minutes per game, it would still take a full 2 hours of playing games for a single 95 coins pack. And honestly, if someone puts that dedication into your game, they deserve that bit extra (after all, active players help you keep your game alive too).

Also, why isn't our rank displayed? I mean, we are playing ranked games, but nowhere can we see where we stand compared to other players?


And what is the point in the Play Testing mode? It's inferior to Trainer Challenge in every way... except that you can use your custom made decks in it. But what if I want to practice my deck against a Fire type opponent? Or Water? Nope, I get faced against a random AI opponent, which is utterly useless. Let us choose who we get as our opponent - and/or choose what deck they play with.


A random annoyance I encountered during deckbuilding, but is probably a bug that's getting fixed at some point. Whenever I add a card to my deck, the list jumps back to the top. Please get this fixed, because it's very annoying when I need several cards near the bottom of my cards list, and have to constantly scroll down to add them one by one.


Eh, that's all I can think of for now. May add more later. (as I thought, the forums logged me out after writing this post, because I was inactive for too long, luckily I copied everything =/ )

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Hi Milennin!


Thanks so much for taking the time to post your feedback and suggestions! They're always good to hear and we appreciate you taking the time to give your thoughts. I'll send this up to through the channels for review and encourage you and others to keep adding if desired!


Thanks again!

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Hello!, here are my thoughts on your feedback :)


First, having the right tab as buttons on the corner or top somewhere, the chat not taking 1/3 of the screen and the overall maze like problems come from the new UI, the old UI which was 100 times better and which you never saw because you are new didn't have those problems, but they've made perfectly clear that they are never going back to the old (infinitely better) UI.


Revealing the cards one by one as an option is a good idea for the people that want it :), you'd probably get bored of it after a few packs tho haha. And cutting the corners and making the main UI move to the side whenever a tab is opened is a great idea, not sure if they can implement it but it's great nontheless.


Regarding the chat, you are right that there is a trading chat, but there is also a new player chat and many other chat lobbies that nobody uses, and that's because whenever you start the game or finish a battle you are alocated to one of the main lobbies, and so, the easiest way to reach the most people is to post in the main lobbies. Colleting/trading is half of the fun of tcg's so restricting trade talk off of the main lobbies goes against the game itself. If you want to talk to somebody just pm them, if you wat to have a group conversation just move to an unused chat.


Having the ability to closa all chat tabs, and notifications only appearing from pm's/friend requests/trade notifications and not form other people talking on the lobbies are great ideas and they should implement them :) . About talking after ending a game, you can just add them right form the game chat to keep talking.


Building/Playing is the other half of the fun, you shouldn't need an incentive to play pvp. Also the one thing this game does better than others is giving free packs, after 3 or 5 days you get 5 packs from the daily login and you get 45 free packs from getting 4 stars on all trainers in all leagues, thats 50 packs plus a new pack every 5 days, they should advertise better that you can get that many packs for free just by playing.


They are planning on selling boosters for money (in the form of gems), they are currently testing it in canada. The fact that the mod didn't mention this makes me think they don't really read the posts all that well.


Trading locked cards to an npc for other locked cards is a good idea but the conversion rates would have to be huge for people not to abuse it and to not break the games economy, something like 30 commons for 1 common, 10 rares for a rare and like that.


Play testing is vastly inferior to the trainer challenge hard difficulty, you are right and they should fix it, and allow you to choose your opponent.


Yes the jumping is annoying they should fix that too.

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I agree with a lot of the points that both posts made, but I'd like to highlight a few things. Tournament mode has offered free packs with tradeable cards in the testing phase, so maybe when tournaments are up and fully running there will be ways to get tradeable cards without buying packs for codes or buying future gems.


The jumping is really annoying. I am assuming you are talking about when you search a card, add it, then backspace the search name away and hit enter it goes back to the beginning instead of staying on the current card.


I also think that mods should offer some type of status update on game crashes, mine crashes everytime I visit the shop. I have seen many posts in tech support, but most involve the same advice that doesn't work followed by users being told to submit a ticket. I hope they can get to the bottom of all that stuff.


Last note: This post was hard to type because these forums skip over my key stroes...??? Lots of backspacing and retyping

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The jumping is really annoying. I am assuming you are talking about when you search a card, add it, then backspace the search name away and hit enter it goes back to the beginning instead of staying on the current card.


Sorry, I wasn't very clear on that in my post. I meant when you're viewing your card list in Tile View and scroll down to add a card to your deck by double clicking on it, it jumps back to the top of the page.

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