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Card untradeable - bought from public....


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I'll try to keep this as brief as possible, basicly;


Today when I signed into my account - I noticed I sold some Flashfire packs for a card (Full Art Lysandre). I already noticed that that card had a lock on it (as in untradeable - which is dumb as it's bought from public). The first thing I did was simply relogging - as this would fix most of the issues I had, but it failed.


This time nothing happenend. It's still untradeable (I CAN tag it though with no errors) and now I have a locked card apparantly. I can provide proof of my card if I am allowed to post screenshots here or in a PM.


The reason I'm posting this here is because your SUPPORT page is failing the entire time. I quote "Insufficient Account Information - Invalid Querystring!" (tested on chrome, firefox, Pale Moon and Torch (browsers)


If Mods or Support folks need the screenshots (of purchase and in my collection), reply or PM me about that.


I did hear that the problem eventually will fix it self - but as this is the first time that I had this error (already locked before i logged in), I made a "forum" ticket to be sure.


EDIT: I also noticed that I suddenly had a private trade offer up amongst my regular trade offers (i pay packs > i get fa lysandre)- Which I certainly did not make as I only make public offers. I Canceled the offer as this was the same as my other public offers (except private this time) - tried to relog and the FA Lysandre I own is still locked. So that didn't work either. Starting to run out of options to try out. ^^


EDIT2: 6 hours later, no changes so far.

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Hello trainer!


You were right in that we need a support ticket to investigate this matter. The issue you're experiencing with the support portal is usually due to missing account information on pokemon.com. You can solve that by logging into pokemon.com and making sure that you have a first and last name entered. This is an issue which our team is working on, so you also have the option of waiting for a fix.


Thanks for your patience, and good luck!

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Thanks for the reply - ill try to edit my information on pokemon.com and post if it worked!




It worked! The only thing I actually had to do was add my name and surname as suggested. Thank you. Ticket has been made! Screenshots have been provided - I hope this is fixed soon ^^!

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