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Heavy Rain deck help


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The theme is to get my big guys and build them up ASAP while using Deluge to speed up the process.


1x Boufalant DE

3x Squirtle BC

2x Wartortle BC

2x Blastoise BC

1x Kangaskhan PB

3x Spheal FF

2x Sealeo FF

1x Walrein DE

1x Walrein FF

1x Keldeo BC (Hydro Kick)

2x Blastoise EX

M 1x Blastoise EX




2x Heavy Ball

1x Evosoda

2x Rare Candy

1x Switch

3x Professor's Letter

2x Ultra Ball

2x Cheren

2x Poke'mon Fan Club

1x Skyla

3x Colress

2x Professor Juniper

1x Muscle Band



15x Water

3x DCE


I want to replace the Keldeo with the version that has Hydro Pump at the very least, but Keldeo EX is preferable. Mewtwo EX would be a nice addition to slap in there if I can get a hold of one. Any suggestions?

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cut walrus line, increase blastoise and squirtle


max rare candy


cut dce


Keldeo ex pls

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The way ill change it..


1x Boufalant DE

---4x Squirtle BC

---1x Wartortle BC

---3x Blastoise BC

1x Kangaskhan PB

---2x Keldeo EX

2x Blastoise EX

M 1x Blastoise EX




1x Evosoda

---2x Level ball

---4x Rare Candy

---2x Float stone

---4x Energy Retiveral

---4x Ultra Ball

---2x Skyla

---4x Professor Juniper

---4x N

---1x Compurter Search

---2x Lysandre

---2x Startling Megaphone



---13x Water



chronophysicist is right, he pointed the worst side of the deck but you also habe to take in mind that you need to counter garbodor or a grass deck

Also you could change something so you can use Lysandre, if you want a quick KO for certain pokemon (especially dusknoir and garbodor)

Kyurem Ex (Black balista) would be very useful


Good luck

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