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UI fixes


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Here are some things that need to be fixed urgently.




Private trading: A search box to search for players names in the firends/public lists, you have already said this is high on your list so this is just a reminder ;). Also you can no longer see what the other person has tagged as wanted which was a huge help.


Public trading: The ability to hide offers you cant accept, its cumbersome having to go through 30+ pages of trades that you cant accept just to find the few that you can. Also th ability to sort by time remaining is a must, so that you can find the newly posted trades and the ones about to expire.


Pack trading: There is no search box in the packs tab, also leving the arrows clicked doesnt auto scroll like in the other tabs, you have to click 18 times the arrows just to get to the newest packs.




Damage counters: having to move damage counters 1 by one takes way too long for competitive play, there should be a way to input which amount you want to transfer form one pokemon to the next.





The chat takes 1/3 of the sceen! Remember back when players made a big fuzz about not being able to read the chat while on the deck builder?, well now you can't see do anything with the chat open, you have to close it to be able to do anything.


Also the text bubbles dont change in size, instead the text shrinks the more you write to the point where it's so small that you cant see the letters, so now you have to divide what you wanna say between multiple text bubbles which makes the lobbies more spammy.




This is not important but I think you should add a new and cool animation to mega evolving, to make it more appealing and give a sense of importance.


Finally I want to say that I truly apreciate all the work all of you have put into the new UI, but until it has all the functionality the old UI had it cannot be considered an improvement.

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Hi ZeroSnakeX,


Thanks for the detailed feedback and suggestions! I'll submit these items for review with the Dev team. In the meantime, this thread will remain open for discussion.


As always, we appreciate your input! :)

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