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I cant open the Pokeemon TCGO


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whe i try to open say two differents things the first is i open the game and : Preload error

An error occured downloading preload data . Please chek your internet connection and restar the game. And the second say : ERROR Couldn not conect to server Please HELP MEEE !!!!!!

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Hi Cherito427,


I'd make sure your internet connection is stable and all necessary updates and drivers are installed. If that's all good, try a clean install.


For a clean install; remove all traces of the game from your computer then re-download the game to a different folder than before. Install the game from that folder and re-launch.


If you're still having issues connecting after trying the clean install method, send a ticket to the Support Team with what you've already tried, which operating system your computer runs on and any other info you think would help them. The Support Team should be able to give you more detailed assistance.


You can access the Support Portal by clicking the link in my signature.



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