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sharing a new unique deck i came up with today! *work in progress


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so i just came up with a new deck today with these new cards we got with the new set! it is unlimited btw before you decide to look any further 90% of my decks are so i can use all ways back to hgss days and this deck is still a work in progress so i will continue to be taking stuff ********** here's list





+Main Fighter+

Kangasktan ex X3

Mega Kangasktan X2


+supporter for Khangasktan+

yamask X3

cofagrigus (damagriiigus) X2 a key card to this deck


+also a supporter for Kangasktan+

spritzee x2

aromatisse x2









computer search x1

crushing hammer x1

energy retrieval x1

enchanced hammer x1

full heal x2

heavy ball x3

junk arm x 2

professors letter x1

random receiver x1

max potion x2

megaphone x1

super rod x1

switch x1

ultra ball x1

caitlin x1

N x2

Prof Oak x2

professor sycamore x2

Skyla x3

fairy garden x3




Rainbow energy x4

Fairy energy x3

Psy x2

Double Colorless x4




Ok so now how the deck works. you basically want to set up your mega Kangasktan and your cofagrigus

on bench. you fight with Kangasktan use fairy/double colorless energy to use his move as well as have free retreat with fairy stadium. save your psy and 1-2 fairy energies for your cofagrigus when your mega kangasktan gets weak says 30/230 left you then can swap him for free to cofagrigus you then use his

Damagriiigus move to heal your benched mega Kangasktan to full hp while he still gets to keep his energy attached to him and do 200 dmg! to your opponent active pokemon! then if cofagrigus is still alive when your opponent brings out another pokemon free retreat back to Mega Kangasktan and repeat : ) then we also have Aromatisse so you can also choose to transfer any rainbow or fairy energy off of Kangasktan for an alt other way to heal : )



and of course Lysandre can be a pain to this deck so watch out! and charizard's 300 dmg. But you could survive a genesect's G-boost and then return the 200 dmg favor : )



any question-comments-criticism feel free to leave here! almost done with flash fire set so more unique decks to come! I'm not the best at getting trainer-supporters etc together in decks when i make new kinds of pokemon combos so could definitely use help there!


*created by sciper*

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Guest ArtichokeCat

Damagrigus...what a cool name for a move...

I do have a question- can Genesect's G-Booster be boosted by Deoxys EX?

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i got a couple things i need to say:


why not use aromatisse instead of leavanny? it helps conserve energy and can also enable max potion, making kanga an unbeatable tank. if ur really concerned about weakness though, i recommend taking out a couple energy for rainbows and using shadow circle.


Leavanny just seems to clunk this deck up a bit, with all the evo lines, and the rare candy.


But other than that, looks really cool!

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ah good point there Artichokecat > < you know since genesect is team plasma probably could be boosted to 1 shot.


still trying to think atm of something to replace levanny wanting a stage 1 of any type so can try to counter any pyroar's but since cofagrigus is stage 1 he could as well : )

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@boss much thanks for info! that's a good idea when i get on tonight will redo deck and add aromatisse/max potions and replace the levanny. ya true weakness not to much of a concern atm other than once the new set comes out will have to redo again for all the fighting decks.

and having an unbeatable would be nice : )


also ya i fail forgot another thing people could use is g-boost for 200 dmg and virbank to reach peak hp to ko unless you add big cloak to the deck : )

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Guest ArtichokeCat

I have a slightly unrelated question-

So are all of the XY sets excluding the base set going to be themed around a type?

That will be very interesting. (My friend is hoping a Hawlucha EX comes out)

So if the next set is fighting type, you're going to have trouble...


I remember Normal Big Basics-With Giant Cape and Aspertia City Gym

Regigigas EX was a Beast!

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Damagrigus...what a cool name for a move...

I do have a question- can Genesect's G-Booster be boosted by Deoxys EX?



Yes it can

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I feel that Lunatone(Plasma Freeze I believe) is pretty decent in almost any deck just for the fact that you can look at the top 2 cards of your deck and put them back in any order BEFORE you attack. Are you guys also playing by the older rulings on cards or by the current rulings? ***. Great Ball being able to search the deck instead of top 7.) ***. Pokemon Catcher being able to bounce a card to bench instead of flipping a coin). If not, then yes I would try to squeeze that in there. I'm not a professional player but I do get the concept a bit of how this game works (I'm a MTG player).

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ya when that day comes i'm gonna have to for sure play shadow circle with some dark energies to give my colorless pokemon no weakness for now i'm sure not that much popular fighting decks not many threats.


@Artichokecat kk i just logged on and made the following changes


minus - pokemon levanny line along with both rare candys


plus - added in 2 max healing potions,2-2 aromatisse line and added in swapped some

psy/fairy energies got x4 rainbow energies.


not gonna worry about weakness changing until next set it's gonna be rise of fighting decks ya i can always redo and add in shadow circle etc. thanks again for the help!!!


@mightywesley i haven't really done any decks with lunatone atm and ya i should play catcher or lysandre but not quite sure which cards i would swap out for a few.

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Looks fun mate, goodluck with it.

I like the damagriiius decks (and decks like it ) but found it hard to make them reliable with black ballista and cofagrigus being kinda puny and what not.

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hey! how's it going! that's cool i see your still on here! ya true that's thing about cofagrigus he does have rather low hp > <





*edit* if devs can plz close this thread im going to make my own page to post my decks a new one ever 1-2 weeks.

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