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someone please help


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someone please help my deck as it needs help

2x magnzeone ex

2x zekrom ex

2x shinx (paralyzing gaze)

1x shinx (reckless charge)

1x luxio (40x prize taken)

1x luxio (60 dmg, 10 to itself)

1x luxray (120 dmg, 30 to itself)

3x tympol (spark)

2x elektrik (headbutt and paralyze)

1x elektross (flip coin x 4 50 dmg)

1x zekrom (outrage)

3x evee

2x jolteon (team plasma and electrigun pin missle 4x 40 dmg)

15 lightning energy , 4 double colorless

2x switch

1x tool scrapper

2x ultraball

2x cheren

2x cilan

2x colress

3x juniper

1x team flare grunt

3x giant cape

1x hard charm

please give me feedback as im told

theres an elektrik that has an ability that puts energy from discard on your bench

magnezone prime is good

raiku-ex is good

thundurus fa is good too

please give me good feedback

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Magnezone prime is no longer legal in standard play


the eelektrik that does what you say is no longer legal in standarn format and the free deck it comes from is no longer available either unfortunately


too many pokemon variety, narrow down to 2 main ones which you will play 3-4 of, one should be an attacker and 1 should support the attacker, then add some little tech pokemons here and there


can afford to cut down a bit on electric energy


Jolteon is not really that good

Magnezone ex is also really no good


should always have 4 rare candy when there are stage 2s involved


at the moment you are very vulnerable to fighting decks, I think even the fighting theme deck may pose quite a threat with all the fighting weak pokemon

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Thanks for the input above. I wouldnt know what pokemon to use and yeah the guy who told me about the cards didnt tell me it was for unlimited until i tried to make the deck so if i played unlimited my problems would be solved. as of now i feel like my deck is very slow to power up zekrom-ex and i wouldnt know what pokemon to use cause almost every electrik pokemon is weak to fighting.


some further specific input is needed :D please!

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zapdos is not weak to fighting


and you can consider pokemon who are the weakness of fighting like water and grass. simple way might be to consider some of the eeveelutions, otherwise you can also look into other pokemon that are grass/water but use colorless energy to attack

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