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LF some cards


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For some reason cards that I do not have still show up in my binder, and I do not know how to get rid of those :P


Anyways, I'm looking for

2 mewtwo ex fa

2 genesect ex fa

2 virizion ex fa

2 N fa

1 thundurus ex fa

2 lysandre fa

1 keldeo ex fa


And I'm Trading

1 charizard ex fa

1 toxicroak ex fa

2 entei ex fa

3 giratina ex fa

1 mega blastoise ex

2 fire type mega charizard ex (non sr)

1 rayquaza ex fa

1 skarmory ex fa

2 dex tornadus ex fa

1 landorus ex fa

2 victini ex fa

1 skarmory ex

1 kangaskhan ex

3 latias ex fa

1 boundaries crossed black kyurem ex fa


Thanks :)

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