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Unable to redeem more than 10 codes at a time


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So I bought a booster box and had 36 codes to redeem. Previously I've been able to input as many codes as I wanted and then hit "claim now", but this time, after having successfully scanned 10 codes, anything I tried after that came up with "Codes already submitted" when it hadn't been.


Once I redeem the 10 and start again it all works fine... up until I reach 10 codes again. This seemed to start happening after the Flashfire update was applied.


Is this a bug? Or is it an intentional update?

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Per the announcement at the top of the forums:


Part of the game update included an adjustment to the number of codes that could be redeemed simultaneously in the Shop. This adjustment is intended to improve the overall performance of the Shop by reducing the amount of data sent in each call between the game server and the Shop server. Players can now redeem a maximum of 10 codes per batch. This change does not impact the total number of codes that can be redeemed in a session, just the number of codes that can be redeemed per batch.


As part of this change, we implemented new error messaging which appears when a user enters more than 10 codes in a batch. Unfortunately, it appears that a bug in the system is displaying the error message used when a code has already been redeemed, rather than the correct messaging. Fortunately, this is a purely cosmetic bug and has no effect on the codes entered.


We apologize for any confusion that this bug may cause, and will be deploying a fix for the incorrect messaging in the near future.

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