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The Poor Man's Tournament


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I'm in a rather sarcastic mood today...



The Poor Man's Tournament!


Welcome! I can assure you that whatever you thought this tournament was about, it isn't!


I've gotten pretty tired of the lack of diverse decks here on Pokémon TCGO. There are about 5 competitive decks, with minor variations, that become very boring after only a few games with each.


So I thought to myself, "Hmm, how can I make this more exciting?"


Now a common solution to this problem has been to make “Non-EX” matches, where players aren’t allowed to use EX’s. In my personal opinion… that’s just dumb. Why would you take out the most important part of the current metagame? That solution seems preposterous to me.


So I’ve come up with an all new kind of tournament. The rules are simple and easy to understand.




I. Players may only use Full Art Cards. This includes Pokémon, Trainers, and Energies. (Full Art Energies are considered any basic energies, no special energys are permitted)


II. The tournament will be played in Unlimited Format. Not that it really matters. But I like it.


III. Any player caught cheating or using Non-Full-Art cards will be dimissed.


IV. Matchups will be posted below. Check daily, as each round will have a time limit of 3-5 days. The tournament will begin May 23rd. In the event that a player does not show up within the time limit, the other player will advance.


V. My word is final. Except for the Mods. I guess their word is double-final.


VI. Have fun!




I. First Prize will receive a Full Art Deoxys Card (mostly because I couldn’t think of a witty/ironic prize card)


II. In order to participate a one (1) pack donation is required. This pack must be from the FlashFire Expansion. (Wah okay, deal with it, if you can afford to play in this tournament you can afford to donate a pack, its for a good cause anyway.)


III. The packs collected will be donated to the CardPool (Check it out if you don’t know about it) in an attempt to supply new players with some up-to-date cards.


Entry List


**Your name will only appear on here after we’ve received your donation.



















Any questions? Concerns? Write below.

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I like the idea but there is one problem, collecting entrance fee's isn't allowed if they aren't used to give out as prices again later.

so on that count perhaps you should ask the mods for permission first... Im sure they'll understand if you donate the stuff to "charity".

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