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Pugna's Trade


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Here I will put the cards that I'm interesting to change (I'm interested of Booster Packs most of all)




- Meloetta EX BW: Legendary Treasures

- Conkeldurr XY

- Corsola XY

- Floatzel FF

- Gallade BW: Legendary Treasures

- Graveler FF

- Palpitoad BW: Legendary Treasures

- Rapidash FF

- Roserade BW: Legendary Treasures

- Seismitoad BW: Legendary Treasures

- Shiftry FF

- Pokémon Center Lady FF

- Protection Cube FF

- Startling Megafone FF

- Olivier XY

- Superpotion XY

- Xana XY


And Maybe (Only Maybe):


- Kangaskhan EX FF

- Skarmory EX XY


Tell me what card/s do you want and what do you offer for It. How I said im most interested on Booster Packs.


Thanks all, I will update the post when I have more cards to trade.

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