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Trade screen woes


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I have been trading a lot lately and a couple things have been bugging me.


1: Why no filters? You have a great filter system in place outside of trades, why not there too? As an example if I type in "Charizard" there is a possible 13 Charizard's it will search. What if I'm only looking for M Charizard EX SR? No way to tell.


2: Make some way to search EX's. Could be through a filter system, but when looking for EX pokemon it's really hard right now to only look for EX's.


3: Make a button near search for only searching "For trade", "Looking for", and "all.". If I am trading my card I don't normally want to see what others are offering them for, instead just looking for good trades. If I want to find a card, I don't need to see everyone that is wanted, it's not what I am looking for. Than those people that want to look at everything have an "all" button that is turned on by default.


4: PLEASE bring back "show only trades I can accept" button. It used to exist, I cannot still figure out why it was removed. I would really like to hear some feedback from the dev team on why this was removed.


5: I feel like "public offers" should be the default screen when you click the trading menu.


6: Some way to seach for N, maybe the filter system.


7: Allow me to mark a trade for review. EX: Hard to remember if that Charizard EX I saw was on page 43 or 33, or was it maybe 34? I now have a notepad open to mark pages of interesting trades that I am a card or two short.


That's all for now, I'm sure I will add more when I think of them.

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Hi ESVDiamond,


Thanks for all of the great feedback and suggestions for the Trading system! I'll have these sent to the Dev team right away and leave your thread open in the meantime.

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