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"Loading Assets, Please wait..." MAC


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Hey there.. After a while, I decided to come back to the game, my old Refresher wasn't updating so, I decided to download the game again. After I did this I installed it, and opened the refresher, which would tell me that there was an error updating and I should reinstall the game. After reinstalling the game 3 times, I decided to open the "Pokemon Trading Card Game Online" file. Opening it took me through the updating and connecting to Refresher in a flash. Game me an animation of "Pokemon Trading Card Game Online" And the the "Loading assets, please wait..." Screen. Where it keeps getting stuck.

I have searched around for some answers and tried different things, like looking for the files in the "Saved Application something" folder, and putting the "Refresher" and the "Pokemon Trading Card Game Online" files directly into the application folder.


My computer is a 2.53 GHz Duo core, 4 GB Ram and ofc. the space needed for the game to be installed.


Am I the only one with this problem and if No, then how is it solved? :)


And BTW : Yes, the server seems to be up! :)


- Lilith

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Hi LeagueofLilith,


It looks like you've tried most of the fixes we've got for you here. I recommend submitting a ticket to the support team for further assistance. To submit a ticket, simply click the link in my signature, sign in, and click "Ask a Question". Please add as much detail as possible, including all fixes you've currently tried.


Thanks for your patience, and good luck! :)

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