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Server problems


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Hey everyone, every time I try to log in (even with the wrong credentials on purpose to test) I get a screen saying "cannot connect to the server you've specified. Please check your internet connection."


Any ideas what's up? I've tried unistalling and reinstalling and still get the screen.

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Hi Guest2550736,


I'd make sure your connection is stable and all drivers and necessary drivers are installed. If that's all good, try a clean install of the game. It's a variation of the general tactic and it often helps:


To perform a clean install; remove all traces of the Pokémon Trading Card Game client from your computer and re-download the game to a separate directory(folder) than previously used. Install the new files from this directory and attempt to relaunch the game.


If your issue is still ailing you, send in a ticket to the Support Team with what you've already tried. They'll be able to give more detailed assistance. You can access their portal using the link in my signature.



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