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Booster redemption and "Pack opened" notification suggestion


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Good evening,


I have two minor suggestions for redemption of multiple items via the Item Redemption screen. This suggestion arose from me purchasing multiple booster packs at once (booster box, promo box, single boosters, etc...).



  1. Navigate to the "Redeem Codes" screen
  2. Enter in more than one redemption code either manually or via the QR reader
  3. Click "Claim Now"


Actual: A new window appears for each individual item that you entered via the "Redeem Codes" screen. This results in the user having to click the "Ok" button for each of the items redeemed.


Suggested: If possible, I would love for there to be a way that entered items of the same type, if not all, could be grouped in the same confirmation window instead of the user having to close out multiple screens. For reference, see the functionality of redeeming multiple Trainer Token items from the "Shop."


This suggestion being said, when you open a booster pack, you receive a notification for opening a pack. It can be a little frustrating having to go through and clear out all of the individual notifications for opening more than a few packs.



Suggested: Is it possible to create a clear all button for the notifications listed in this screen? This would only clear items that do not require confirmation such as, friend requests, etc...


Thank you for your time and effort.


Have a wonderful evening,



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Hi vkos,


I'll have your suggestions sent to the Dev team for review. Your thread will remain open for discussion in the meantime.


Please note that sharing personal information, including your full name, location, information for other websites/games, etc., is not permitted. This is in order to protect the safety and privacy of all players. You can read more about this by clicking the Forum Rules link at the bottom of this or any other forum page.


As always, we appreciate your input! :)

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