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Terrenal Plant Deck


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Well ..... I present a deck I put together when I had a lot to do

Terrenal plant because the call is mixed pokemons Grass , fight and Earth:


Pokemon (20 )

1 ( venusaur Ex) .

3 Tropius of Energy Press

2 Eevees ( sign of evolution)

2 Leafeon plasma

2 Stunfisk Muddy Water

3 mienfoo ( any )

3 Mienshao ( with Haul in and Meditate )

2 Groudon Ex

2 Ex Landorus


Energies (14 )

8 fighting

.3 grass

3 Double Colorless


Trainers ( 26 )

1 hard charm

1 Eviolite

1 evosoda

.2 Ropes scape

4 level balls

.1 Scrapper tool

2 receiver random

( 1) Proffesor letter

.3 Energy retrieval

1 Super rod

3 shaunas

2 skyla

2 cheren

2 juniper



basically the strategy is to start with stunfisk / Landorus / groudon , since any of those 3 hits multiple low energy, while burdening Mienshao 's meditate to give the ultimate shock , unable to start with those 3 , then start with Tropius and draw cards while hurt, the leafeons are to strike fast and hard with little energy , venusaur ex simply because I like the pokemon ...... the supporters and they are the basic items for the deck has good mobilization and little energy carried by the same, do not use the pokemons too much energy to strike.



clearly this is not my main ... the main deck is a toolbox Darkrai , but I like this deck for a change .... I greetings and anything to order.

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