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Frim's X/Y Junk


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Hello everyone, I just recently got back into the game as a whole, and I have a bunch of stuff for trades from a bunch of X/Y packs I bought. Here are the main card for trade:


1x Skarmory EX

1x Emolga EX

2x Venusaur EX

1x Aegislash 86

4x Aegislash 85

2x Aromatisse

2x Delphox

1x Greninja

2x Raichu

2x Slurpuff

1x Trevenant

2x Xerneas

2x Yveltal


There are some other rares I didn't list, but if you're interested in anything, please let me know. I'd like packs, or "essential" trainers and such, since I do not have much to work with.

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Stuff like N, Colress, rare candy, lysander,super rod, juniper, etc. Mostly just trainers used in most decks.

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