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Pokemon international challenge help


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I wanna participate in the Pokemon International Challenge. There's on eproblem. Almost all of my Pokemon are meant for singles and the PIC is in the Doubles format. I don't have enough time to breed Pokemon specifically for it, so please if you have a team or anye Pokemon thta I could use for it, it would be REALLY appreciated. Who knows? You might just see your team in action on YT....


What I want (anything will be fine but I really want these guys)

Sheer Force+Life Orb Nidoking

Gale WIngs Talonflame (with Sitrus Berry)

Any Pokemon with Intimidate

Mega Kangaskhan

A Charizardite Y (or a charizard holding one)

A Blazikenite (I missed the event so I don't have one)

A Pokemon with Protect


Just tell me the Pokemon/team you are giving me (remember, you are not restricted to giving me the above pokes...)


Thanks again!;)

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I have trained several Pokemon... If you will return them after the tournament, I am willing to trade them to you...


Gentle Mieshao (Ability: Inner Focus) with the moves High Jump Kick, Drain Punch, U-turn, and Aura Sphere

Bashful Goodra (Ability: Sap Sipper) with the moves Flamethrower, Sludge Bomb, Muddy Water, and Dragon Tail

Gentle Pikachu (Ability: Static) with the moves Thunder Wave, Thunder Bolt, Strength, and Electro Ball

Relaxed Lickilicky (Ability: Own Tempo) with the moves Gyro Ball, Rollout, Power Whip, and Wring Out

Bold Hydreigon (Ability Levitate) with the moves Sunny Day, Dragon Pulse, Dark Pulse, and Hyper Voice

Docile German Charizard (Ability: Blaze) with the moves Slash, Flamethrower, Fire Spin, and Inferno

Quiet Shiftry (Ability: Early Bird) with the moves Feint Attack, Leaf Storm, Swagger, and Torment

Impish Swoobat (Ability: Unaware) with the moves Psychic, Attract, Air Slash, and Calm Mind

Adamant Avalugg (Ability: Own Tempo) with the moves Ice Fang, Giga Impact, Gyro Ball, and Avalanche

Sassy Pinsir (Ability: Mold Breaker) with the moves Brick Break, Thrash, Storm Throw, and X-Scissor

Quiet Talonflame (Ability: Flame Body) with the moves Flame Charge, Roost, Quick Attack, and Fly

Quirky Heatmor (Ability: Flash Fire) with the moves Flame Burst, Bug Bite, Solar Beam, and Flamethrower

Serious Pyroar (Ability: Rivalry) with the moves Snarl, Solar Beam, Flamethrower, and Hyper Voice

Gentle Chandelure (Ability: Flash Fire) with the moves Toxic, Hex, Shadow Ball, and Flamethrower

Swalot (It will not allow me to put it nature for some reason...) (Ability: Liquid Ooze) with the moves Body Slam, Yawn, Toxic, and Sludge

Jolly Simisear (Ability: Gluttony) with the moves Fire Blast, Flame Burst, Incinerate, and Crunch

Adamant Arcanine (Ability: Intimidate) with the moves Outrage, Reversal, Close Combat, and Flare Blitz


I also have a Sun team that I made ready...

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Pinsir and Pyroar could be interesting... Arcanine sounds cool... I think I'll take those three... The other three Pokemon I can most likely find myself or borrow from another friend.. Because I am currently making a Feraligatr, Pirygon2 and I have a Primeape that I PokeBanked over...

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thank you. I will return those Pokemon when tournament is over (note. Your Pokemon might have some moveset changes when you get them back...) make sure to give me back Florges, Mienfoo and Serperior (you may train and use them if you want)

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That's fine... I do not mind if you change their EVs too... Also, I may breed Serperior if I get a Shiny Larvitar...

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I have some bad news Poke... Looks like you cannot use Pokemon that are from the Poketransporter or that are not in the Kalos Pokedexes...

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Aw crud that makes half o my team unable to join the tournament.*sigh* nvm then. I'll give you your Pokemon back. I really don't have the time to breed and EV train Kalos-born Pokemon

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I can send you some more of my Pokemon if you need them Poke. Also, these are some Pokemon that were not on my first list.


Gentle Delphox (Ability: Blaze) with the moves Psyshock, Flamethrower, Mystical Fire, and Psychic

Hasty Lucario (Ability: Steadfast) (Holding King's Rock) with the moves Power-Up Punch, Shadow Ball, Aura Sphere, and Dragon Pulse

Rash Charizard (Ability: Blaze) (Holding Metronome) with the moves Heat Wave, Flamethrower, Echoed Voice, and Aerial Ace (I do have a Charizardnite Y...)

Bashful Sylveon (Ability: Cute Charm) (Holding Pixie Plate) with the moves Swift, Moonblast, Dazzling Gleam, and Draining Kiss

Docile Lapras (Ability: Water Absorb) (Holding Splash Plate) with the moves Ice Beam, Strength, Waterfall, and Surf

Sassy Gogoat (Ability: Sap Sipper) (Holding Rocky Helmet) with the moves Bulldoze, Synthesis, Seed Bomb, and Leech Seed

Brave Shiny Charizard (Ability: Blaze) (Holding Charcoal) with the moves Solar Beam, Flamethrower, Air Slash, and Heat Wave

Brave Ferrothorn (Ability: Iron Barbs) (Holding Leftovers) with the moves Curse, Iron Head, Power Whip, and Gyro Ball

Docile Florges (Ability: Flower Veil) (Holding Miracle Seed) with the moves Solar Beam, Magical Leaf, Moonblast, and Wish

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