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Game freezes at startup screen.


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Every time I try to start up pokemon tcg online it freezes up without fail. I've uninstalled it and reinstalled it quite a few times now and it still won't work. I don't know what to do. Please Help!

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I suggest that you send a ticket into the support team so they can investigate this matter further. To submit a ticket, simply click the link in my signature, sign in, and click "Ask a Question".



Thanks for your patience, and good luck!

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Hi StefanSalisbury,


If you are running Windows 8.1 with an AMD or nVIDIA graphics card, please try the following, as it has helped many users:


- Open the Control Panel.

- Look for your GC control panel (Nvidia/AMD)

- Open the section to "manage 3D settings"

- At "Select a program to customize" click on the "Add" button and look for the PTCGO launcher.

- At "Select the preferred graphics processor for this program" chose the "High-performance NVIDIA processor"

- "Apply" at the right bottom


Otherwise, please try the following:



  • Ensure that you have the newest video and audio drivers for your system, downloaded from the manufacturer's website.
  • Try lowering your desktop resolution to 1024x768.
  • Once in the game, go to your Settings and change performance to "Fastest" and uncheck the special effect boxes, lower your game resolution to 1024x768.
  • Try switching the game to windowed mode from the in-game Settings.
  • Try running TCGO from the “Refresher” file, which can be found in your “Pokemon Trading Card Game Online” folder.
  • Run a virus / malware scan. From your Windows system accessories run Disk Defragmenter.
  • Before running TCGO, close any unnecessary background programs (web browsers, word processor, etc.).


There are two ports that must be opened for the game to work: 8181 and 39389. 39389 is the "gateway" port that the client connects to momentarily to get information on which connection servers are available and their IP addresses. 8181 is the port that client makes a dedicated connection to in order to play the game.


Please note that your security settings, anti-virus software or Windows Defender could be incorrectly identifying the game as a threat and blocking it from connecting to the internet. You may want to review the documentation for your security software to find the method for adding the game client to the software's "safe programs" list.


If that does not resolve the issue, we recommend that you try running the game from the Refresher.exe file. This file can be found in your Pokemon Trading Card Game Online folder. To locate the folder, click the Start button for Windows, and in the text box type in Pokemon. You should be able to locate the folder this way.

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