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Something to play for


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I have noticed a few players on the forum asking for a reason to play more than just once a day - I assume these players only play once a day because of the coin bonus. I completely agree that there should be a reason to play casually, outside of tournament windows but think there could be a better way to do this than just to offer more coins because this will lead to new packs being very easy to gain and then no card will be sacred.


I am going to put forward a few ideas but please feel free to add & compliment or criticise.


1: count a players win streak and give a small coin bonus for reaching multiples of 5. could also give players an achievement or a coin bonus for reaching milestones for the first time and for breaking their record.


2: give players the option to legitimately host a small tournament with a coins prize which is generated through participants 'buying in' for example, 4 player tournament, 50coin buy in and 200 coin 1st place prize.


3: give players the option to challenge each other whilst each putting a card at risk, winner takes all.


4: create game rooms, whereby other users can watch games taking place and challenge each other whilst chatting.


5: incorporate an 'in-game singe player mode which is based on the old gameboy colour tcg)



granted, all of these will take time to work out and will put strain on the server (i have very little technical knowledge), but for the casual tcgamer, there currently is very little to play for.



many thanks



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Hey I was the OP of the original post you mentioned, so I'd love to offer my 2 cents on these options.


1: This would likely encourage mass win trading. EX: Player A and B are friends. The win streak is set at 10 wins. Player A lets Player B win 10 in a row on purpose and then they do the same for Player A. I can also imagine many more of my losing opponents saying "OMG CAN YOU LEAVE, I'M ON A WIN STREAK!!"


2: It does not seem the ability for users to host their own events seems to be implemented. However I am not a dev and maybe that functionality is hidden behind the scenes, but I don't feel like it's an area they are exploring. would also encourage win trading like #1, but now with 4-8 people.


3: I believe that would put the PTCGO into the area of online gambling, and would require many regional differences to accommodate local laws. Would require MASSIVE investment into international specialized lawyers. You will find other CCG's had "ante" rules similar to this, and it was such a mess they "ante" cards are no longer allowed in any format whatsoever.


4: While I think a spectator mode would be an amazing addition, I can't see how forcing people to watch games will solve the problem of not enough rewards for playing.


5: I don't actually get how this one fixes things.


Tbh I think it's an easy solution to up the win bonus slightly, but cool ideas nonetheless!


Again, just my personal opinion.

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Hi mrheckle,


Regarding your third suggestion, betting cards is not permitted in the Pokémon TCG Online. This walks the line of gambling, which is not in the spirit of Pokémon.


I'll send your other suggestions to the Dev team for review and leave your thread open in the meantime.


As always, we greatly appreciate your input! :)

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wow, you guys made me feel silly. haha. well i appreciate the feedback, i guess i didn't realise all the complications of trying to run a game fairly and within the spirit of pokemon.


nonetheless, I am one of the casual gamers who regularly plays the PVP mode and have become bored/frustrated with the lack of progression I am able to make. ultimately after a day of play, my reward is being able to buy a booster pack of 5 non tradable cards.


My point is, that although upping the number of coins won may seem a good way to improve the casual PVP game, i still think it would leave the same group of players feeling a lack of 'something to play for' despite the acceleration of coins gained. I do not simply want to be someone who brings up a problem but doesn't offer a solution so i will venture one more option (perhaps not so well thought through) to see the type of thing i am hoping people suggest)


6: pokemon leagues

-this would possibly work by a player pressing, 'join league'

-the server would then place you into a league of players, lets say 10, that pressed join league around the same time.

-each player then plays 10 PVP games, which are not necessarily against the players in your league, they are just random against whoever is available. over a 24 hour period

-after 24 hours, coins given to top 5 in league.



i hope that this suggestion does not drag out the issue, i just feel as though the same PVP situation we currently have, just with more coins, would not be a very engaging solution

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I think idea #1 is great. I was under the impression that ranked matchups are random so I'm not sure how someone could take advantage of the system with a friend. Idea #5 is also a good notion because the Trainer Challenge is abbreviated and boring once complete.


I think you could also be awarded coins for obtaining the achievements. They should play a more prominent role the PTCGO. For those of you who play console games you know that the achievement/trophy systems are successful.

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I've got an idea - what about taking advantage of the Theme Deck ladder?


Perhaps a system in which you get double the tokens every fifth win (Not strictly in a row) and a booster pack every twentieth win


And since it's the Theme Deck ladder, it adds up to the challenge as there's not that lovely custom-made deck that allows you to rack up wins like crazy

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It's sort of weird to force people into playing theme deck only mode. Using myself as an example, I NEVER want to play theme decks only. I care about only one mode, modified.


I think the bonus' have to be open to all modes of players. Theme, Unlimited, and Modified.


"And since it's the Theme Deck ladder, it adds up to the challenge as there's not that lovely custom-made deck that allows you to rack up wins like crazy"


Part of the challenge in ANY mode is trying to rack up wins. Just because you have a T1 deck doesn't mean auto-win, often people have just as good if not better decks. I have a 100% netdeck'd VirGen deck, and it only has like a 65% winrate.

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I just went with the assumption that most T1 decks are obtained through physical booster pack/tin codes and trading (Because good luck obtaining some staple cards. I've started playing often since January and I've yet to get a Skyla, just to say something), so they would be mostly unaffected by this... but I guess you are right

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I do think that there should be some reward for playing friends. Not to an abusable point where friends just join and leave (although it seems like some people do that in ranked matches anyways), but ptcgo has been much more fun against my friends while we skype than against randoms, but the system discourages us by not giving any rewards for playing. My friend and I were just talking today and had an epic game he said "man, even if I just got one token for this it'd be better than nothing. Wish we could battle like this more and get something too"

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Hi JiYan,


In order to maintain organization and prevent confusion within the forums, posting in threads that have been inactive for more than 14 days is not permitted. You can read more about this rule and others by clicking the Forum Rules link at the bottom of the page.


I'll be closing this thread now. Thanks for your understanding!

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