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Reformat Maintenance Mode Error Message etc


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As many players (myself included) access the Pokemon TCGO client by clicking on a desktop icon, I suggest that the development team reformat the client to show the time of the next maintenance directly on the login screen. If there is a maintenance at this time, you could edit the error message to say something like: This client is currently in Maintenance Mode. Please try logging in at 11PM (4PM PST) we are sorry for the inconvenience. For more details, please go to (link to TCGO forums)


I think this will clear up a lot of confusion and make the amount of "I can't login" messages less. You could also put other things from the main site up there.




Next Maintenance: May 7: 3:00 PM- 11:00 PM GMT (8:00 AM-4:00 PM PST)

Hot Cards on the Way!

Announcing the release of (Video games)

Get ready for the Spring Season of Pokemon TCG!








I see this kind of thing on a lot of website clients and it makes a good announcer for other things going on.

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Hi Fyrius01,


Great suggestion! I'll submit this to the Dev team for review and leave your thread open for discussion in the meantime.


As always, we appreciate your input! :)

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